Chalky Teeth

“My child has white marks on her teeth which I have been researching and discovered the condition hypomineralisation. I have […]

Ill-fitting Dentures

“I have a top denture and a lower partial denture. I am very concerned about preserving my existing teeth and […]

Replacing Silver Fillings

“Do you think people with old ‘silver’ fillings should have them removed and replaced by more up-to-date materials?” – Question […]

Tooth Abscess

Are you looking for a TMJ dentist Brisbane? Do you suffer from jaw pain?

“I just got composite resin veneers and ever since, the gum above the right tooth has been very sore and […]

Dental Problems

“I have had some problems with some previous dental work… “I had a filling done a few months ago and […]

Gums Receding

“All of my gums look pink and healthy, except for my bottom gums at the front … I think my […]

Wisdom Teeth

“I have a wisdom tooth that is coming through with an exposed nerve that is causing me a great deal […]