beautiful smiles created here. no pain, no kidding

beautiful smiles created here. no pain, no kidding

Virtual Smile Design

Know what you are going to get with a digital smile makeover

Modern cosmetic dentistry is truly amazing!

If you are looking to fix your teeth, or are unhappy with your smile then digital smile design lets you see exactly what your full smile makeover would look like before any treatment.v

Gone are the days of:

Say hello to digital dentistry:

Virtual Teeth Makeover

Try your smile before you have any treatment
One of the most powerful outcomes of Virtual Smile Design is a mock-up of your new smile which you can ‘try on’ and see the exact outcome.

Stage One: Design your dream smile

With Virtual Smile Design we start with facial photos and integrate scans of your teeth so that we get a full face view and your new smile is designed so that it lines up with all the features of your face, lips and smile shape.

You will receive a presentation showing what your final smile would look like along with a mock-up that we place on your current teeth. This gives you the greatest chance to then discuss with us any tweaks or changes you would like. Together we can get your smile looking exactly as you like it, before any treatment!

Stage 2: What treatments will I receive after Virtual Smile Design?

Virtual Smile Design can be used before any of the following dental treatments:

After we have agreed with the patient what they want their smile to look like then Stage 2 of the process is discussing the treatment options for achieving their smile, the materials we’ll use, the related costs and the pros and cons of each option.

It’s a bit like building a house, you can’t just add on the room you want, you have to take the whole house, in fact the whole area and position into account.

In the same way if someone doesn’t like their smile we don’t just focus on the one tooth or couple of teeth that need to change, with the Virtual Smile Design process we can consider your whole smile and how it best sits within your facial structure.
Dr David Kerr from Today’s Dentistry

Who is Virtual Smile Design for?

Virtual Smile design is perfect for people who don’t like their smile or teeth and need a change which involves more than one tooth.

It is ideal for people looking to makeover their whole smile but who are not sure which treatment they need. It is helpful for people with:

Want to find out more about Virtual Smile Design?

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