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Welcome To Today’s Dentistry

in Chermside, Brisbane North!

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We’re passionate about helping you feel safe and comfortable at every dental appointment, and that begins before you set foot in our practice.

On this page you’ll find all the information you need to feel prepared for your first appointment and put your mind at ease by knowing exactly what to expect.

Below, you’ll find a handy clickable table of contents so you can skip ahead to any particular areas of interest.

We sincerely hope it helps, and we’re looking forward to meeting you. If you have any questions at any stage, please call our team on (07) 3263 2677 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Our Unique Approach

At Today’s Dentistry, we provide a unique guilt-free, judgement-free dental experience for all our patients.
Here’s a quick overview of what makes your experience at Today’s Dentistry unique.

Greeted with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a fresh biscuit
Children can relax and play in our dedicated Children’s Rooms
Our Fear-Free Tell, Show, Do Protocol means you’re always in control
Our multidisciplinary team of experts skilled in different areas means you can get all your dental care in one location
Oral Health Therapists are a key part of our team and passionate about helping you prevent dental issues
Watch your favourite show on Netflix with our in-roof TVs
Or listen to your favourite podcast with noise cancelling headphones
Choose pillows, blankets, fidget spinners etc from our Comfort Menu
Proudly independent, owned and operated by Dr Darryl Marsh and Dr David Kerr
We aim to match you with the same dentist, and oral health therapist at each appointment
State-of-the-art technology allows us to provide you with the most accurate and highest-quality dental care

What To Expect At Your First Appointment

Your first visit at Today’s Dentistry is all about creating a custom Dental Roadmap so you know exactly what condition your teeth and gums are in now, and what your options are to treat any of your dental health challenges.

first appointment
A thorough oral assessment by one of our dentists to identify any areas of concern in regards to your tooth and gum health.
An Intraoral Scan of your teeth, displayed on our chair-side TV screen so you can see exactly what we’re seeing. This lets us show you the parts of your teeth you can’t normally see, and empowers you to understand exactly what’s going on with your oral health.
Diagnostic X-Rays to see what’s going on below the surface and identify any hidden issues.
A private consultation with one of our dentists to discuss your dental history, explain any areas of concern, and discuss the various treatment options available.
A review of your custom Dental Roadmap, including treatment costs and the interest-free payment plan options available.

Unlike other dental practices, we do not simply get started with a “dental check up and clean”. Many patients have additional dental challenges that need to be thoroughly assessed and addressed prior to receiving professional dental cleanings from our skilled Oral Health Therapists.

If you would like to schedule a professional cleaning with an Oral Health Therapist on the same day as your custom Dental Roadmap session, please speak to our team on (07) 3263 2677 and we can schedule an extended appointment time for you.

How To Get Here

Below you will find detailed information about our location, how to drive here, where to park, and what bus routes will get you to our practice.

brisbane map

Located at 91 Kittyhawk Drive, Chermside, we’re across the road from Westfield Chermside, so it’s easy to get to Today’s Dentistry.

Travelling By Car

There’s plenty of on-site parking, and the video below shows you exactly how to get here by car and where to park:

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We have dedicated car parking bays underneath the building, with signs indicating “Dentist Parking". The parking bays are below the building.

Here are the steps for using the lift from underground parking.

  1. Go to lift well number 2
  2. Press the number 2, followed by the bell button
  3. One of our reception staff will open the lift for you
  4. Once inside the lift press the ‘G’ button to go to the ground floor
  5. As you exit the lift follow the corridor to your right. This will take you to the exterior of the building
  6. Press the green button on the wall to open the door.
  7. You can then walk around to the front entrance.
These instructions are printed on a special plaque at the lift entrance, so you don’t have to remember the steps ahead of time.
As always you are most welcome to call our reception team if you need any additional help navigating parking.

Meet Our Team

Our Dentists

Dr Darryl Marsh

Dr Darryl Marsh

Founder and Principal Dentist

Dr David Kerr

Dr David Kerr

Principal Dentist

Dr Sharon Chen

Dr Sharon Chen

B.DSc (Hons) B.Sc (Hons)

Our Oral Health Therapists

Robyn Russell

Robyn Russell

B. App Sci (Oral Health)

Chanell Winterburn

Chanell Winterburn

B. App Sci (Oral Health)

Carlene Franklin

Carlene Franklin

B. App Sci (Oral Health)

Sarah Gollagher

Sarah Gollagher

B. App Sci (Oral Health)

Jess Nethery

Jess Nethery

B. App Sci (Oral Health)

Caitlin Healey

Caitlin Healey

B. Oral Health (Therapy & Hygiene)

Our Administration Team

Todays Dentistry Monica

Monica Yates

Deanne Moorcroft Photo

Deanne Moorcroft

Brittany Hancock v2

Brittany Hancock

Learn More About Our Team

Payment Options

payment options

Many patients delay dental treatment due to the cost. Unfortunately, this often leads to a cascade of issues and patients not receiving help until something bad happens like experiencing dental pain, chipping or cracking a tooth, or losing a tooth altogether.

Delaying dental treatment almost always costs more in the long run, as little problems become big problems that need complex restorative treatments to correct.

That’s why we’re passionate about providing multiple payment options, including interest-free dental payment plans.

Interest-Free Dental Payment Plans

If you wish to spread the cost of treatment over time, we offer a choice of interest-free payment plans which allow you to start treatment immediately before dental health problems become worse.

We provide three different interest-free payment plan options through Humm’s National Dental Plan, DentiCare, and ZipMoney. Each of these third-party providers has their own terms and conditions, and we will discuss the differences between the options with you during your consultation.

You can complete an application online in our practice in about 10 minutes and we usually receive a response the same day. This allows you to receive the right dental care for your situation.

Payment Plan Provider:

national dental plan
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To reduce your out of pocket expenses we offer on-the-spot health fund claims via HICAPS. We can directly deduct your health fund’s contribution from your total and you only pay the difference.

Please note, you won’t find us on any “Member’s Choice” lists for any dental health insurance funds. Some health funds provide a list of dentists who provide treatment at a fee determined by the health fund, known as “Preferred Providers” or “Member’s Choice”. In these schemes the primary concern is ‘cost containment’.

These schemes are developed by Private Health Insurance companies so the scheme’s primary focus is to benefit the Fund’s bottom line and not the patient’s well-being.

That is why we remain a proudly independent dental practice. Our primary focus is on providing you with the highest-quality dental care, not cutting corners to please Private Health Insurance companies.

We sincerely hope this information helps you feel comfortable prior to your first consultation.
If you need anything in the meantime, give us a call on (07) 3263 2677.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

What Our Patients Are Saying

"When you’re prepared to drive more than 2000km to visit the dentist

it says everything you need to know about the service from the incredible team at Today’s Dentistry!"
Ross McHutcheon

"After 30 years of being terrified and avoiding dentists I have finally found "the one".

I could not recommend this place more. From the staff to the facilities, I have absolutely nothing to fault. My phobia is
gone and I will go nowhere else."
Lauren West

"The interior of the dentist feels more like a 5 star hotel spa and provides a very comfortable,

almost luxurious experience.
I highly recommend this dentist, especially if you suffer with anxiety or a fear of dentistry."

Adele Rooney

Get A Custom Dental Roadmap

Dental roadmap in Brisbane

Your first visit at Today’s Dentistry is all about creating a Dental Roadmap so you know exactly what condition your teeth and gums are in, and what your options are for treatment.

Your first appointment includes:

An Intraoral Scan displayed on our chair-side TV so you see what we’re seeing.
A review of your Dental Roadmap, including interest-free payment plan options.
Diagnostic X-Rays to spot any hidden issues.

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