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5 Ways We Help You Deal With Dental Anxiety So You Can Get The Dental Treatment You Need Without Fear.

In over 30 years of clinical experience, I’ve developed a Fear-Free, Pain-Free Treatment Protocol to help our patients overcome their dental anxiety, and on this page I’ll share that 5 step protocol with you so you know exactly what to expect.

My name’s Dr Darryl Marsh. I’m the Founder of Today’s Dentistry and author of two books, “Stress Free Dental Visits - An Insider’s Guide” and “Your Ageless Smile”.

Our team at Today’s Dentistry is well-known for our ability to help highly anxious dental patients get the treatment they need, without worrying. While we can’t promise to eliminate dental anxiety, many of our patients have gone from dreading dental visits to actually enjoying them and never missing a 6-monthly appointment!

But you don’t just have to take my word for it...

Before We Dive Into The 5 Steps You Can Take To Deal With Dental Anxiety So You Can Get The Dental Treatment You Need Without Panicking... It’s Important That You Know I’m Speaking From Extensive Experience.

Here’s what some of our patients had to say about their experience at Today’s Dentistry:

"When you’re prepared to drive more than 2000km to visit the dentist

it says everything you need to know about the service from the incredible team at Today’s Dentistry!"
Ross McHutcheon

"After 30 years of being terrified and avoiding dentists I have finally found "the one".

I could not recommend this place more. From the staff to the facilities, I have absolutely nothing to fault. My phobia is
gone and I will go nowhere else."
Lauren West

"The interior of the dentist feels more like a 5 star hotel spa and provides a very comfortable,

almost luxurious experience.
I highly recommend this dentist, especially if you suffer with anxiety or a fear of dentistry."

Adele Rooney

Now Let’s Dive Into The 5 Steps To
Dealing With Dental Anxiety:

Step 1: Deal With Dental
Fears Before The Appointment.

For patients with dental anxiety, the first step is a pre-treatment, non-clinical interview and discussion of your fears, concerns and any past dental experiences, both good and bad. Identifying specific areas of concern and assuring patients that these same fearful events will not happen again can go a long way to easing dental anxiety.

During this consultation, we create a plan together to help you manage your dental fear and anxiety, including discussing dental sedation options if appropriate.

deal with dental fears
deal with dental plan

Step 2: Deal With Dental Pain Before The Appointment.

You will experience less pain during and after your dental treatment if you proactively take pain relief medication before your appointment. Where appropriate, a pain management program should include taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine like Nurofen 1-2hrs before any procedure that is likely to cause inflammation, or where inflammation is already present.

Step 3: Infections Reduce The Effectiveness Of Anaesthetics, So Treat Infection First

If you have an infection, anaesthetics will be less effective and you will feel more pain. That's why, whenever possible, I recommend patients treat infections first with antibiotics, prior to starting dental work.

prevent metabolic acidosis

Step 4: Use A Gentle, Gentle Anaesthetic Protocol.

My goal is always to achieve a profound numbing to get your tooth completely asleep during the appointment, and keep it asleep until treatment is complete.

The secret ingredient to successful numbing of the gums is... time.

Unfortunately some dentists rush through appointments to see as many patients in one day as possible. But when it comes to anaesthetic, the more time you have the better. It takes a full three minutes for anaesthetic to penetrate the surface of your gum and provide adequate numbing.

There is a little known fact that almost all the pain from an injection comes from the pressure of the medicine being forced into the tissues, not from the needle itself!

So the best way a dentist can give practically pain-free injections is to go very, very slowly so that very little pressure is felt.

At Today’s Dentistry, we use a unique Gentle Anaesthetic Protocol which minimises any pain patients might experience during the placement of anaesthetic.

First, we often use a liquid anaesthetic gel to help numb the area prior to an anaesthetic injection. Then, we apply anaesthetic very slowly.

Most of the ‘sting’ experienced when receiving anaesthetic has nothing to do with the injection itself, it’s actually caused by the pressure of the liquid entering your body. By simply slowing down the process, it significantly reduces any discomfort.

Step 5: Beating The Fear And
Pain After The Dental Appointment.

It wouldn’t really be much good if you have a pain-free procedure, but your teeth hurt like crazy when they wake up! That’s why it’s essential to understand how postoperative pain works.

Most postoperative dental pain is caused by inflammation.

The most commonly used painkiller is Panadol, however this only has a short-term anti-inflammatory effect. If your body can tolerate it, Nurofen is a much more effective pain relief as it has a long-lasting anti-inflammatory effect.

The key thing to remember is that pain is best prevented rather than treated after it begins. You will experience much less pain if you take the appropriate dose of Nurofen by the clock, rather than waiting for pain to set in… and having to deal with that pain while you wait for the medication to kick in.

dental appointment

What if you need dental sedation?

Often, these 5 steps are sufficient to help our patients overcome their anxiety and get the dental treatment they need. However, in some cases additional dental sedation is required to deal with dental anxiety.

So what are your dental sedation options?

Local Anaesthetic

The majority of procedures are performed simply using local anaesthetic.
We have a unique Gentle Anaesthetic Protocol which minimises any pain patients might experience during the placement of anaesthetic.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is a common pain relief option that can help take the edge off during a dental appointment.

Twilight Sedation

Twilight sedation is an intravenous sedation option which helps put patients in a happy place, and you don’t really remember the procedure. We partner with a specialist anaesthesiologist to safely administer twilight sedation.

General Anaesthetic

General anaesthetic is most often used when extensive dental treatment is required and the patient is not comfortable being awake during the procedure. We partner with a specialist anaesthesiologist to safely administer general anaesthetic.

In My Experience, The Reason Most People Don’t Win The War Against Their Dental Fears Is That They Just “Wing It” As They Go From One Frightening Dental Emergency To The Next.

They only go to the dentist when they absolutely have to, and they often have very little opportunity to address their fears before treatment is required.

The very first step in dealing with your dental anxiety is to choose to take control of your dental health and start being proactive.

Don’t wait for a dental emergency.

I invite you to come and meet our team at Today’s Dentistry and experience the difference yourself.

We’ve helped thousands of Queenslanders create healthier, happier smiles. I opened Today’s Dentistry over 35 years ago to create a safe space for patients to receive high-quality, fear-free, guilt-free dental care.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss any dental anxieties, including the dental sedation options available to you if you feel you need further help to relax for treatment.

But rest assured, there’s nothing painful or invasive about this first appointment.
No needles.
No drilling.

Just a one-on-one opportunity for us to create a Fear-Free Dental Roadmap for you so you can fix whatever dental challenges you’re facing and start smiling again!

We look forward to helping you.


Dr Darryl Marsh
Founder of Today’s Dentistry
91 Kittyhawk Drive, Chermside

Get A Custom Dental Roadmap

Dental roadmap in Brisbane

Your first visit at Today’s Dentistry is all about creating a Dental Roadmap so you know exactly what condition your teeth and gums are in, and what your options are for treatment.

Your first appointment includes:

An Intraoral Scan displayed on our chair-side TV so you see what we’re seeing.
A review of your Dental Roadmap, including interest-free payment plan options.
Diagnostic X-Rays to spot any hidden issues.

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