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About the Hygienists at Today’s Dentistry in Brisbane

Our Hygienists are experts in maintaining dental health. Their focus is on preventative dentistry, ensuring that your teeth and gums never need to have major dental treatments.

Specialising in the prevention of gum disease

Our Hygienists specialise in treating gum disease (periodontal disease) which if left untreated is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Gum disease is common, often indicated by bleeding when you brush, but caught early can be treated effectively. Gum disease also has links to increasing the chance of heart disease, diabetes and stroke incidence. This is why it is important to maintain regular 6 monthly maintenance visits.

About the Hygienists at Today’s Dentistry in Brisbane

Robyn Russell

B. App Sci (Oral Health)


  • Robyn qualified with the University of Queensland in 2005 as dux of her year.
  • Prior to joining Today’s Dentistry in 2010, Robyn worked at dental practices throughout the north of Brisbane.
  • Robyn loves working with children and has an extensive knowledge of gum disease.

“I love the professionalism and challenge at Today’s Dentistry. It is great to work at a practice that believes in quality patient care”

Robyn Russell, B. App Sci (Oral Health)

Watch our video to get to know Robyn and her approach better

Chanelle Winterburn

B. App Sci (Oral Health)


  • Chanelle graduated from the University of Queensland in 2005.
  • Before joining Today’s Dentistry, Chanelle worked at a family based dental practice on the Brisbane Northside for five years
  • Chanelle is particularly interested in working with children and families.

“I enjoy seeing the delight that our patients show when they realise how easy dental care can be! Our team at Today’s Dentistry work together to make every patient feel completely comfortable.”

Chanelle Winterburn, B. App Sci (Oral Health)

Watch our video to get to know Chanelle and her approach better

Annie Nguyen

B. App Sci (Oral Health)


  • Annie qualified with Griffith University in 2009.
  • Before joining Today’s Dentistry, Annie worked in North Queensland and Toowoomba for numerous years before returning to her family in Brisbane.
  • Annie loves working with all ages to make their experience educational & comfortable. Born in Australia, Annie also speaks fluent Vietnamese.

“I love that I am in a place where patients are valued and cared for like they are a part of the family. We not only look after their oral hygiene but their general well being as well!”

Annie Nguyen, B. App Sci (Oral Health)

Watch our video to get to know Annie and her approach better

Carlene Franklin

B. App Sci (Oral Health)


  • Carlene qualified with University of Queensland in 2006.
  • Before joining Today’s Dentistry, Carlene worked in private practice in Brisbane’s northern suburbs.
  • Carlene is an active member of the Dental Hygienist’s Association.

“I have worked in Dentistry in one form or another since I was 16 years old. I love this profession and making a difference in others lives.”

Carlene Franklin, B. App Sci (Oral Health)

About the Hygienist and Orthodontic Assistant at Today’s Dentistry in Brisbane

Belinda Dougherty

B. App Sci (Oral Health)


  • Belinda qualified at University of Queensland, practicing since 2005.
  • She has worked with Today’s Dentistry since 2005.
  • Belinda has gained extensive experience in orthodontic treatments over the last 12 years.

“I enjoy seeing the delight that our patients show when they see the before and after photos of the work done on their teeth – that is a rewarding part of my job.”

Belinda Dougherty, B. App Sci (Oral Health)

Watch our video to get to know Belinda and her approach better

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