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Save Your Natural Tooth: Root Canal Near Me Brisbane

Root canal treatment can often be the key to saving a damaged or infected tooth, preserving its function and appearance. At Today's Dentistry, our compassionate team uses advanced techniques to perform root canal treatments, ensuring your comfort and confidence throughout the process. Don't let tooth pain affect your daily life – let’s restore your tooth and get you smiling again.

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Root canal treatment Brisbane

How is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

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What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure that involves removing the inflamed or infected pulp from the inside of a tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the root canals, and then sealing the tooth with a filling or crown. This treatment is often necessary when the tooth's pulp becomes damaged due to decay, fracture, or trauma.

Root canal treatment may be recommended for several reasons:

Severe tooth decay that has reached the tooth's pulp
Damage to the tooth from an injury or crack
Abscess (infection) at the tip of the root
Repeated dental procedures on the same tooth

Failing to treat an infected tooth can lead to severe pain, swelling, and even the loss of the tooth.

What Are The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment offers several advantages:

Relief from tooth pain and discomfort
Preservation of the natural tooth
Prevention of tooth extraction and the need for more complex dental procedures
Maintenance of proper tooth function and appearance

Root Canal Chermside, Brisbane: What To Expect At Your Consultation?

At Today's Dentistry our caring team is committed to helping you save your natural teeth. If you’re experiencing symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal, we will thoroughly assess the health of all your teeth and gums to identify exactly what’s going on and what your treatment options are.

We use state-of-the-art digital dental technology that allows us to see exactly what’s going on with your teeth. This includes our 3D x-ray technology so we can see any infections that may be present in your teeth.

We prioritise your comfort and well-being, ensuring a positive dental experience. Don't let tooth pain hold you back – contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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Frequently Asked Questions 
About Root Canals Brisbane

General Info

Are root canals painful?

Root canals are typically performed under local anaesthesia, which numbs the area, significantly reducing or eliminating pain during the procedure. Any post-procedure discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relief medication.

When is a root canal needed?

A root canal is needed when the pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth) becomes infected or inflamed, typically due to severe decay, a crack or chip in the tooth, or an injury to the tooth.

Are root canals safe?

All surgical procedures carry risk, however root canals are considered a safe and routine dental procedure to save a tooth that has severe decay or infection.

Will a root canal save a dead tooth?

Yes, a root canal can save a tooth that has a dead or dying nerve by removing the infected or dead pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth, and sealing it.

Why get a root canal VS pulling a tooth?

A root canal is often preferred to tooth extraction as it allows you to keep your natural tooth, preserving your jawbone and preventing other teeth from shifting position.

Do young people get root canals?

While root canals are more common in adults, young people can also require this treatment if they have a tooth with infected or inflamed pulp.

How long does a root canal last?

A properly cared for tooth following a root canal treatment can last a lifetime. However, the crown or filling placed on the tooth may need replacement after several years.

Will a root canal stop my tooth pain?

Yes, a root canal treatment should relieve the pain associated with the infected or inflamed pulp of the tooth.

Will a root canal save my tooth?

Yes, the aim of a root canal is to save a tooth that might otherwise need to be extracted due to infection or inflammation.

Can I eat after a root canal?

You should wait until the local anaesthetic has worn off before eating to avoid biting your cheek or tongue. After that, you can eat, but should avoid hard, crunchy, or sticky foods until the tooth is fully restored.


How long does it take to recover from a root canal?

Recovery from a root canal is typically quick. Most people can return to their normal activities the next day. However, some sensitivity or discomfort may last for a few days.

What to expect with a root canal?

During a root canal, the dentist will numb the area, remove the infected or inflamed pulp, clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth, and seal it. Afterwards, a crown or filling is usually placed to protect the tooth.

Can you drive after getting a root canal?

Yes, you can drive after getting a root canal, as the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, which does not affect your ability to drive.

Can a root canal be done on a front tooth?

Yes, a root canal can be performed on any tooth, including front teeth, if the pulp is infected or inflamed.

Issues / Challenges

Are root canals bad for you?

All surgical procedures carry risk, however root canals are not bad for you. They are a safe and effective way to save a tooth that might otherwise need to be extracted.

How to manage root canal pain?

Any post-procedure discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relief medication. You should also avoid chewing with the treated tooth until it has fully recovered.

Can you get a root canal while pregnant?

Yes, it is generally safe to get a root canal while pregnant. However, your dentist may recommend temporarily dressing the painful tooth and delaying the procedure until the second trimester or even after pregnancy if possible.

Are root canal teeth harder to extract later?

No, teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are not necessarily harder to extract later. However, these teeth are often more brittle and may require careful handling during extraction.

What happens when root canal is not an option?

When a root canal is not an option, it's usually because the tooth is too damaged or decayed for the treatment to be effective. In such cases, extraction of the tooth may be recommended. Afterwards, the missing tooth can be replaced with an implant, bridge, or denture to restore function and appearance. It's important to discuss all available options with your dentist.

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