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If you're struggling with extensive tooth loss or the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures, All-On-X may be the solution you've been seeking. At Today's Dentistry in Chermside, we offer this innovative, full-arch restoration technique to help you enjoy a beautiful, functional smile once again. Discover the benefits of All-On-X and regain your confidence with our expert team.

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All-On-X Brisbane

All-On-X vs Dentures vs Snap-In Dentures

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What is All-On-X?

All-On-X is a dental treatment that uses a fixed, full-arch dental prosthesis supported by a small number of dental implants (usually four to six). This revolutionary approach provides a permanent and natural-looking solution for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth in one or both arches. All-On-X combines the advantages of dental implants with the convenience of a full-arch restoration for a truly transformative outcome.

Smile Transformations
Before & After All-On-X Brisbane

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What Are The Benefits of All-On-X?

Choosing All-On-X to replace all your teeth offers several advantages:

Natural-looking and feeling full smile rehabilitation
Improved chewing ability
Preservation of jawbone and facial structure
Enhanced confidence and quality of life
The closest thing to having your teeth back as possible

All-On-X Brisbane: What To Expect At Your Consultation?

There are many factors that determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for All-On-X dental implants. At your consultation, we will use state-of-the-art technology to create 3D digital impressions of your current teeth, take 3D CBCT x-rays to determine the extent of any bone loss you might have experienced, and identify any other issues that might be hidden below your gum line.

We also discuss in detail your specific concerns, the symptoms you’re experiencing, and the outcomes you’d like to achieve. All of this detailed consultation and assessment helps us to empower you throughout the treatment planning process and share all the options with you.

At Today's Dentistry, you’ll never be pressured to choose a certain treatment. We always provide all your options and communicate with transparency around what’s involved. Our caring and professional team will work closely with you to ensure a comfortable and successful treatment experience. Don't let missing teeth hold you back – contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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Frequently Asked Questions 
About All-On-X Dental Implants

General Info

What’s the difference between All-On-4 and All-On-X?

All-On-4 and All-On-X are both used to describe the same type of treatment where a full-arch of teeth is restored by attaching a titanium plated denture to 4 or more dental implants to fully restore your smile. All-On-4 is a trademarked term for a specific type of dental implants sold by Nobel Biocare.

What are All-On-X dental implants?

All-On-X dental implants are a specific type of full mouth restoration where a titanium plated denture is secured to 4 or more dental implants to restore your smile. It is as close to natural teeth as you can have, as they cannot be removed at home and aren’t taken out every night before sleep.

How to find All-On-X dental implants near me?
All-On-X is a complex surgical treatment and it’s important to choose a skilled provider who has a lot of experience providing this treatment, rather than focusing on how near they are. Many of our patients travel 8-hours or more from around Queensland to restore their smile with All-On-X or Snap-In Dentures at Today’s Dentistry.


What is the All-On-X dental implants recovery time?

Typically, the initial healing phase, where the implants fuse with the jawbone, can take several months. However, temporary teeth are usually fitted during this period, so you won't be without teeth. Full recovery and completion of the procedure, including fitting the final prosthetic, can take anywhere from 6 to 8 months, but this can vary depending on individual healing rates and the specifics of the procedure.

Issues / Challenges

Is it safe to get All-On-X overseas in Mexico, Turkey, etc?

Patients sometimes consider travelling overseas for expensive dental treatment. However it’s important to weigh up all the risks and costs associated. The low prices advertised overseas are rarely all inclusive and patients may find they’ve spent nearly the same amount when all expenses are taken into account.

Aside from cost, it is important to remember that this is a major surgical procedure and it’s one you want done properly. There have been patients who experience urgent complications after overseas treatment and they’re unable to get the needed help in Australia because the materials used in their treatment are not TGA approved and can be very difficult to be fixed or repaired in Australia.

It can become a very expensive and distressing process if you experience complications during overseas dental treatment.

Can you get All-On-X with severe bone loss?

Possibly, but it depends on the extent of the bone loss and the individual patient's condition. Severe bone loss can make it more challenging to secure the implants properly. However, certain techniques such as bone grafting may be used to build up the bone and make implant placement possible. At Today’s Dentistry, we collaborate closely with a visiting specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who can place Zygomatic implants in the case of severe bone loss.

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I could not recommend this place more. From the staff to the facilities, I have absolutely nothing to fault. My phobia is
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I highly recommend this dentist, especially if you suffer with anxiety or a fear of dentistry."

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Get A Custom Dental Roadmap

Dental roadmap in Brisbane

Your first visit at Today’s Dentistry is all about creating a Dental Roadmap so you know exactly what condition your teeth and gums are in, and what your options are for treatment.

Your first appointment includes:

An Intraoral Scan displayed on our chair-side TV so you see what we’re seeing.
A review of your Dental Roadmap, including interest-free payment plan options.
Diagnostic X-Rays to spot any hidden issues.

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