Our Children's Dental Care

Helping the children in our community look after their dental health.

Our Child Dental Care section is a great launchpad out to the great dental resources and information to help parents achieve the very best when it comes to their kid’s dental health.

What does your child need in a dentist?

Read more information about the various stages of dental care from Pregnancy, baby and toddler, child and teenager at our Family Dental Care page.

Family Dental Care

Read about the stages in your child’s dental health and the treatments and issues to be aware of at each stage. From pregnancy, baby and toddler, primary school, teenagers to early adulthood.


It helps to have a dentist, such as our own Dr David Kerr, who is also trained in Orthodontics to help assess when, how and what your options are when it comes to Orthodontic work for your child.

Giving back to the community and kids

At Today’s Dentistry giving back and investing in our community are important to us. Find out how we do this through our child education talks at local schools and childcare centres, or our dental volunteering in countries, such as Cambodia and Thailand that aren’t lucky enough to have the health services we do.

Fact Sheets

Our fact sheet section has some useful fact sheets for parents including:

Must Watch: Dedicated Kids Room