TMJ and teeth grinding

Many of us are coping with our job, home life, kids – so it’s no surprise we’re feeling stressed out, […]

Are you in pain?

You’re here because… you’re in pain or have an emergency and need to be seen promptly At Today’s Dentistry, we […]

Bad dental experience

Dr David Kerr and Darryl Marsh discuss the cosmetic dentistry options

You’re here because… a bad experience at the dentist in the past has left you anxious or afraid Many people […]

Researching dental options?

You’re here because… you know you have big problems and want to know all your options At Today’s Dentistry we understand […]

Embarrassed about your teeth

Are you wanting a smile makeover? In our seminar we discuss the cosmetic dentistry options that are available to patients.

You’re here because… you’re embarrassed about your teeth and want help, not judgement Are you embarrassed about your teeth and […]

Tooth Extraction Pain

Dr David Kerr with dental patient inside dental clinic in Aspley

“I have some tooth pain following a tooth extraction a couple of days ago. What is a normal amount of […]

Extracting Teeth

I have a toothache and am worried I might have to get it taken out. Does a sore tooth always […]

Replacing Silver Fillings

“Do you think people with old ‘silver’ fillings should have them removed and replaced by more up-to-date materials?” – Question […]