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Embarrassed about your teeth

You’re here because… you’re embarrassed about your teeth and want help, not judgement

Are you embarrassed about your teeth and want to be helped, not judged? Unfortunately, many people have a fear of dentists because they’ve been criticised and even ridiculed by dentists because of decisions they’ve made about their dental treatment or the state of their teeth. They’ve been made to feel ashamed, foolish or guilty because they have problems with their teeth. It’s the most common story we hear from our patients almost every day.


What we hear from our patients

At today's dentistry, we are here to ensure you with the greatest experience so that you will no longer feel anxious or fearful of the dentist.

“I just can’t handle coming to the dentist – I’m petrified.” 

“I haven’t been to the dentist for years and I feel guilty.”

“My teeth are really bad and some are missing. I’m ashamed I let it get to this.”

“I’ve been avoiding the dentist because I’m embarrassed about my bad breath.”

“I hate feeling out of control in the dentist’s chair.”



Our approach

At Today’s Dentistry, our focus is to help you. We’re completely non-judgmental about your dental anxiety or embarrassment – you’ll never be criticised if you’re scared of the dentist. Here we try to understand your feelings and past dental experiences as best as we can, so we can help you deal with your problems and choose the right treatment. You’re in control of what’s happening to you.

When you first get in touch, our friendly and knowledgeable dental receptionists, Monica and Bronwyn, will:

  1. Spend time listening to your concerns, answering your questions by phone or email.
    Stress-free Dental Visits: An Insider's Guide was written to help patient's overcome their fear of dentists

    Stress-free Dental Visits: An Insider’s Guide was written to help patients overcome their fear of dentists.

  2. Also offer to send you a copy of our free book Stress-free Dental Visits: An Insider’s Guide, which our dentist Dr Darryl Marsh wrote from his experiences with helping patients who have a fear of dentists. This way, you can take your time to find out how other patients have overcome their fears and anxiety.

Taking the next step

If you want to make an appointment, there are two ways we’ve found have been successful for many anxious patients:

  1. Just come in for a chat with one of our dentists and talk through your dental anxiety, as well as see whether we’re the right people to help you. Our front desk staff can arrange a no-obligation consultation.
  2. Other patients prefer to find out more about their specific dental situation, so they book an examination appointment (an hour for a new patient). First we’ll discuss how we can help with your dental anxiety, then we look at the most suitable way to deliver your dental treatment – whether it’s with happy gas or sedation, if that’s what you want. To help you relax during your appointment, you can watch TV, use noise-cancelling headphones or listen to music – it helps to focus on something else (you can bring your own CDs or DVDs). We also offer blankets.

For most people, once we demonstrate we’re genuinely concerned about their welfare and will keep our word that dentistry can be done “no pain, no kidding”, they feel able to go ahead with their treatment.

We offer pain management and sedation options for fearful patients, so we can look at ways to help them get through this. Many dentists minimise the amount of local anaesthetic they use – we don’t skimp on it. It’s a safe drug and we’d rather give you a little more than not enough. We want to make sure you’re completely numb during a procedure and feel comfortable rather than worried.

Our job is to help our patients and deal with their concerns, worries, doubts or any other issues they may have regarding their fear of the dentists. We take the time to listen and do things at their own pace. For some people, it can take time to find a dentist they’re comfortable with, that they feel safe with and trust.

No need to have a fear of dentists

Read the book written by Dr Darryl Marsh, to help you minimise your fear of dentistsWe want your dental appointment to be as comfortable as possible. Here’s how to prepare for your visit:

Read our bookStress-free Dental Visits: An Insider’s Guide by our dentist Dr Darryl Marsh

  • Call us on 07 3263 2677 and we’ll send it to you – free, no charge
  • Ask our front desk staff for your free copy when you come into Today’s Dentistry practice
  • Watch our videos and get to know us better first

Read our articles

Come in for a chat with one of our dentists or book an appointment by calling our friendly reception staff on 07 3263 2677.






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