beautiful smiles created here. no pain, no kidding

beautiful smiles created here. no pain, no kidding

Intraoral Cameras

How we help children feel in control at Today’s Dentistry

Sometimes it is difficult for patients to fully understand the condition of their teeth in the same way the dentist does – using an intraoral camera is a state of the art dental technical device that really helps you see for yourself exactly what is happening in your mouth.

That way patients can see for themselves what is going on with their teeth and so can make informed decisions about what to do. We can’t imagine life without them now!

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What are Intra oral cameras?

Advantages of IntraOral Cameras

A picture is worth a thousand words

Our patients love our Intra oral cameras – you get to see first hand and up close the state of your teeth, including any problems such as cracked teeth, decay, worn-out or defective fillings, bleeding gums and plaque.

Great to take away a snap shot home with you

Often we’ll print a copy off for a patient, for instance when we need the patient to monitor any changes at home… so if there are any changes you know to come back in and see us. If you have a condition you are concerned about, want to record or research it further, or simply want to explain it to your partner, then these pictures are invaluable.

We show you what’s going and give you the options – you decide

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