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Orthodontics information for adults and parents

Free Seminar: Wednesday, 9th of November at 6pm

When: Wednesday, 9th November 2016
25 places available
RSVP: Call 3263 2677 to register

Brisbane parents and adults are invited to attend Today’s Dentistry’s free dental information evening on Orthodontics, Orthodontic treatment options and who this treatment is suitable for.

You work hard everyday so why not come and enjoy a nice evening of our hospitality, food and drink, education, along with friendly and helpful discussion.

Who is this seminar suitable for?

This dental information evening is for adults considering Orthodontics to correct crooked teeth or alignment issues. It is also suitable for parents of children and teenagers who might need Orthodontic treatment in the future.

Today's Dentistry on Brisbane's northside are holding a dental information evening for people considering Orthodontic treatments.

What will the evening involve?

If you have ever wondered whether Orthodontics is right for your situation, what outcomes you can expect and when would be the ‘right’ time  for Orthodontic treatment, then our information night is a great no-obligation way to find out more and ask your questions. This evening will include:

Orthodontics presentation

Hear from Drs Darryl Marsh and David Kerr about:

  • The types of Orthodontic treatments available and the pros and cons of these
  • What situations does Orthodontics help with and what are alternative dental treatments
  • What does Orthodontic treatments involve: diagnostics, analysing and quoting, fitting and adjusting, care and ongoing assessment, and aftercare
  • Teenagers, kids and the best time to treat using Orthodontics
  • The specific occasions when you may need to see a specialist

Question and Answer session

Bring along your burning Orthodontics questions and find out everything you need to know.

Practice tour

Take a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour around the Today’s Dentistry practice and see our practice including our sterilisation room, 3D X-Ray machine and our comfortable treatment rooms and the creature comforts we have on hand to help you and your teenager feel at ease.

About Today’s Dentistry

Today’s Dentistry has been caring for the community in Brisbane’s north since 1988. Our approach is to offer pain-free, judgement-free and guilt-free individualised care to our patients of all ages .

About Dr David Kerr and Dr Darryl Marsh

Dr David Kerr and Dr Darryl Marsh will be presenting the Orthodontics information eveningDr David Kerr and Dr Darryl Marsh are the managing partner dentists at Today’s Dentistry.

David has been practicing for over 20 years and has extended his studies in Orthodontics, Implants and taken a particular interest in how modern dental technologies can be used to improve patient outcomes.

Darryl has been operating out of this same location in Brisbane since 1988 and in that time has built many strong bond with his patients and the community. He regularly attends continuing dental education courses in Australia and abroad.

Want to know more about Orthodontics and how it might suit your situation?

Entry will be for registrants only and we can seat 25 people in our reception area.

To register your spot at this event or any of our other seminars please call Monica or Bronwyn at Today’s Dentistry on 3263 2677.








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