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Independent Dentists: providing the right balance of care for our patients

Today’s Dentistry is proud to be an independent dentist in Brisbane’s north!

With a genuine passion for dentistry and providing exceptional dental treatment, we have joined the Independent Dentist Network (IDN) to enable our patients to retain freedom of choice of both dentist and their treatment.

Independent Dentist Network

The Independent Dentist Network seeks to preserve patient’s freedom of choice and better oral health – It is “driven by care not profit”.

Independent Dentist Network (IDN) seeks to unite all independent dental practices nationwide to preserve patient’s freedom of choice and promote better oral health care for all Australians.

Australia wide IDN’s dentists are committed to building and nurturing long term relationships and providing highly personalised treatment and care. As independent private practitioners, IDN dentists work collaboratively with their patients to achieve cost effective long term oral health that is not limited to health fund restrictions but based upon personalised plans that deliver maximum value.


We are also a quality accredited dental practice

Quality Innovation Performance QIP Accredited dental clinic

“Achieving accreditation demonstrates a commitment to the provision of excellent dental care and continuous quality improvement within the practice” – Quality Innovation Performance

Unlike medical and hospital industry where accreditation is mandatory, the bodies controlling dentistry do not currently have one set of rules for practices to adhere to.

Despite this, Today’s Dentistry has chosen to undergo a voluntary process of becoming an accredited dental practice the similar way to medical practice and private hospital.

We have achieved this through an independent company called QIP – Quality, Innovation and Performance.

What our accreditation means for you

So what does attending a QIP accredited dental clinic mean for our patients?

The QIP scheme encourages private dental practices to adopt the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards into existing quality systems.

Whilst this has been a very comprehensive and time consuming task, Today’s Dentistry has achieved this because we are committed to providing our patients the best quality of care and safety.

Our patients can be assured that, with regard to everyday practice culture, processes, infection control and patient safety, Today’s Dentistry is maintaining and using best possible procedures and protocols to ensure outstanding patient outcomes.

Independent + Quality Accreditation = Lifetime dental health

Are you looking for an independent dentist in Brisbane that is also Quality Accredited? We are happy to tell you all about what it means to an independent dentist or QIP accredited. Call us on 3263 2677 to discuss with us or book your appointment online.


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