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Snoring and sleep apnea

how your dentist can help treat snoring and sleep apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea is very common, and it is often your partner or the person you share a bed with that complains about the snoring.

There a various options to cure snoring and sleep apnea, which can help guarantee you a better nights sleep for both you and your partner.

Is your snoring driving you – or your partner – crazy? Or maybe you breathe through your mouth when you sleep and wake up tired.

Is there anything you can do to stop it?

When patients come in to see us, often it’s the person they share a bed with who complains about the snoring.

Why put up with it any longer?

Not everyone knows that these common problems can be treated.

What causes snoring?

Snoring occurs when the muscles in your throat relax, causing the airway to close up. Because there’s not enough volume for the air to move in and out of the airway, it the back of the throat to vibrate – that’s the snoring noise.

What is sleep apnea?

OSA – Obstructive Sleep Apnea

more serious long term medical problems

Sleep apnea symptoms

“When a patient who snores comes to see us, it’s usually not because they think they have sleep apnea. It’s often because someone’s told them they’re snoring,” says Dr David Kerr.

“Or, if they suffer from sleep apnea, they may have tried wearing a CPAP machine and now won’t because it’s uncomfortable.”

Do you check for these symptoms or related ailments during a check up? How else is it picked up?

If you have sleep apnea, there are numerous treatment options for OSA

If you suspect that either you or your partner suffer from these symptoms, it is recommended you seek professional advice.

People with sleep apnea often complain of:

  • Choking sounds while sleeping
  • Gasping for air
  • Teeth grinding
  • Daytime tiredness

Diagnosing OSA

If someone suspects they or their partner suffer from this, what would you recommend they take to diagnose and treat?

We’ll help you get diagnosed and talk to your GP, who may refer you to a sleep clinic for a sleep study test.


 Treatment options for OSA

  • Other treatments or tips you give patients, eg lifestyle changes?
  • Can you tell if a device or CPAP machine is better for a situation and how do you deal with this?
  • Oventus devices: what these do and how these differ from other dental devices?

How to stop snoring with a sleep apnea mouth guard

This isn’t always dealt with as a dental issue, is it? What other medical professionals are involved and what part does the dentist play? What is the best way for someone who suspects they have sleep apnea to proceed?

mandibular advancement splint which advances the lower jaw and opens the airway up, so there’s more volume of air. And what these dental devices do is that they position the jaw forward to open the airway up a little bit.


What benefits / differences do patients report when their sleep problems are dealt with?

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