Let’s stop the rot

August celebrates Dental Health Week and this year the Australian Dental Association is turning it’s spotlight on Tooth Decay, and in particular tooth decay in kids.

Did you know that by the age of 6 over half of all Australian children will have tooth decay? Visit the dental health week website to find out how to brush your teeth and other measures you can take to Stop the Rot.

We have been talking to the local kids

Today’s Dentistry have been out to fifteen of Brisbane north’s childcare centres, telling kids how to take care of their teeth. As a part of that we have created a number of factsheets to help your kids (and their parents!) look after those precious little smiles.

See our range of kids dental fact sheets

Today’s Dentistry in the news

Our new 3D X-Ray machine was recently featured by the Northside Chronicle.

See the article on our Facebook page

Ask a Dentist

Q: Jenny from Mango Hill asked: “All of my gums look pink and healthy, except for my bottom gums at the front.

One of my teeth is getting longer than the others and I think my gums are receding. I want to do what I have to do to save them. Is that possible? “

Dr David Kerr replies:
The first thing we would consider is why the gums are receding, if we don’t address this then there is little hope of stopping the recession.

There are two general causes for gum recession:

  1. Infection (such as gingivitis) or Periodontal disease:In this case the gums may be a darker red, blue or purple colour…

Read full answer here Got a question for your dentist, but don’t feel the need for an appointment to ask it? Here’s your chance to ask one of Today’s Dentistry’s experts. You’re welcome to drop us a question any time, and we’ll answer it. The best questions will be featured here in our bi-monthly newsletter and on our website.

Facebook competition

Our Facebook competition continues – ‘Like’ us for your chance to WIN!

To be in the running all you need to do is ‘Like’ our Facebook page. If you have already ‘Liked’ us then don’t worry – you are already in the draw. Winners will be announced and contacted via Facebook.


At the end of each month we will randomly draw one person to receive a year’s worth of tooth goodies for their family including toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. Congratulations to Andrew and Tim – our winners for June and July respectively.

Could dentists be a thing of the past?

A recent article in the UK’s Daily Mail claims that a new chemical can make teeth ‘cavity proof’ and potentially do away with dentist visits forever…

So what does Darryl think?

“I’m all for anything that helps people avoid problems with their teeth. Although I haven’t seen the scientific research on this chemical, I can see from this article it addresses the bacteria that causes cavities or gum disease.”

“You can’t get rid of your dentist just yet – the reason I say this is that a major portion of the patients we currently see are for ‘engineering’ problems whether it is wear, structural or orthodontic.”

“Instead of taking the chemical mentioned in the article after each meal, why not just practice good brushing and flossing habits everyday, see your dentist early if there is a problem, and already you will be doing a fantastic job in protecting your teeth from cavities!”

We’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like Invisalign – literally!

That’s because Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear removable aligners to gradually bring your teeth to a beautifully straight smile – no braces, metal wires or brackets!

We have been straightening patient’s teeth using Invisalign since 2007.

The benefits of Invisalign:

Read more about Invisalign

Darryl’s blog – Is Cosmetic Dentistry only for celebrities and rich people?

Cosmetic dental treatments receive a lot of media attention and are the only dental treatment anyone ever talks about. They are particularly popular on extreme makeover TV shows where the patient will have tooth whitening and/or a whole mouth full of crowns and veneers.

Good dental health can look good too

We want our patients to have good function and good looks! The two are often achieved simultaneously following the old adage ‘Form Follows Function’.

A good-looking smile doesn’t have to cost the earth

In real life, ‘Cosmetic Dentistry’ is not just about spending $50,000 + on treatments – this is completely out of the question for many people. Ultimately, all dental treatments should be as ‘cosmetic’ as they are functional.Read the full dental blog article

What’s the buzz


Tharaka is currently on holiday adventuring on Safari’s in Africa. Don’t take too close a look at those Lion’s teeth though Tharaka!

Monica goes on holidays to Malaysia and Singapore in August. She is looking forward to the warm weather and shopping!!

Kait has changed to working on a casual basis and settling well into full time university life, timetables, and assignments.

Welcome back to Belinda – she will be assisting David with all orthodontic appointments on Wednesday’s.

All of our hygienists have been very busy meeting all the local kids. They have been visiting many of the local childcare centres and giving educational talks to the children for dental health month. We hope this means lots of healthier kiddy smiles for Brisbane’s northside.

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