Valentines special – make sure your breath isn’t killing your love life


Do you worry that you may be suffering from bad breath? Not all bad breath problems can be solved by a simple breath mint, sometimes there can be other reasons to blame.We look back at an old Ask a Dentist feature from last year on bad breath and taste in the mouth and wish all our patients a very happy Valentines Day. Read more

Is your child’s schoolwork suffering because of restricted breathing?


Research has shown a reason why many children suffer low school marks, mood swings and irritability. It is thought up to 11% of children may suffer from Obstructive Sleep Disorders where enlarged tonsils and adenoids restrict the flow of air to the lungs. This means less oxygen to the brain, speeding up of the heart rate and increases in blood pressure. It also can result in poor memory and concentration, hyperactive behavioural problems and ADHD type symptoms.

Sleep specialists say the combination of noisy breathing during sleep, enlarged tonsils and a restricted palate are risk signs of Obstructive Sleep Disorder.Failure to treat the problem by age 8 could mean a reduction in IQ of 10 points and 4 times greater probability of being in the bottom quarter of the class.We recommend bringing your child in for their first dental visit at age 4 when we will check not only the health of their teeth, but also for any signs of Obstructive Sleep Disorder. Just in time for starting school…

Ask a Dentist:

Question from Sonya of Chermside in Brisbane:

Q: “I have a wisdom tooth that is coming through with an exposed nerve that is causing me a great deal of pain.

Do I have to have something done now, what would the cause of action be and how much would it cost? I’m also pregnant so what does that mean?”

Dr David Kerr replies: When most people think wisdom teeth they think that they are going to have to be removed but in actual fact, in about 30% per cent of cases patients can have wisdom teeth that don’t need to be removed.

The reason why many people have to have their wisdom teeth removed is….

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Got a question for your dentist, but don’t feel the need for an appointment to ask it? Here’s your chance to ask one of Today’s Dentistry’s experts. You’re welcome to drop us a question any time, and we’ll answer it. The best questions will be featured here in our bi-monthly newsletter and on our website.

Orthodontics at the right time can save money

imageOrthodontics is an area of dentistry that treats irregularities of teeth and the effect this has on one’s face and bite.Orthodontics is useful for straightening teeth, improving your smile, correcting your ‘bite’, ie how your mouth closes, improving your speech in both adults and children alike.Did you know that Today’s Dentistry also incorporate Orthodontics? This allows us to recognise any potential tooth or jaw problems at the most appropriate age, usually between ages 6 and 11, and recommend the most time effective (which saves costs) course of action.

Ask us about Orthodontics at your next appointment or

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Your first appointment with us – part one

Ever wondered what would happen if it was your first visit to Today’s Dentistry? In this dental blog entry, Dr Darryl Marsh tells that the first priority would be to relieve any pain or discomfort you were in.Following that there are at least nine elements that are a part of a first dental examination. And guess what? 5 minutes is not enough!

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What’s the buzz at Today’s Dentistry


The new year began with a flurry of birthday’s and tasty birthday cakes! Congratulations to Robyn Schmidt who celebrated a big one (it ended with a zero!) Happy Birthday also to Darryl and Deanne who celebrated their birthday’s back-to-back at the beginning of February.This month we welcome a new Clinical assistant, Alison, so be sure to give her a warm welcome when you are in next. We also bid a fond farewell to Catherine who is starting her nursing studies at University, and Zoe who is now nursing at the Wesley Hospital stroke unit – we wish them all the best in their studies and work!A couple of lucky staff have exciting holiday plans coming up – Shannon is jetting off to South America to enjoy the colour of Rio Carnival and David is off to enjoy a skiing holiday in Japan at the end of February. We wish them happy holidays and safe travels!

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