3D technology comes to Today’s Dentistry


Our latest news is the upgrade to a new 3D imaging X-Ray unit. One of the first installed in at a dentist in Brisbane it is capable of giving a whole new dimension to how we see our patients’ teeth and jaws.This new 3D unit will allow us to see anatomical structures when planning treatment, especially implant or surgical treatments, more accurately diagnose pathology present in the mouth, especially abscesses and root fractures that are not easily seen on conventional 2D X-Rays.

But the main reason we are so excited is that it means we can be even more thorough and give more accurate advice to our patients.

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Ask a Dentist:

Question from Jamie of Northlakes in Brisbane Q:“My daughter’s front baby tooth is chipped.

Since she was 1 it has slowly chipped away to the gum, I have taken her to other dentists who tell me to wait for it to fall out. However today I noticed that her gum above it is going black – what should I do? Is it affecting her adult tooth?

She has had bad breath and swollen gums too so I am worried she might also have gum disease. I don’t want to take any risks with her teeth.”

Dr David Kerr replies:

I think you are right to be concerned about the changes in the appearance of the gums and other tissues around your daughter’s broken baby tooth.

When we see changes such as these there is always the concern of abscess formation and infection. The gum and oral tissues should be naturally a light pink colour when healthy.

Why do gums change colour?

Tissues that are dark in colour tend to be infected or diseased rather than the adult teeth in the gum…Read full answer here

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How veneers can transform your smile

Veneer, porcelain or resin, are just one of the cosmetic dentistry ways to achieve that instantly beautiful smile.Without the need for braces or whitening treatments, veneers will give you white straight teeth with that “WOW” factor.Veneers are perfect for worn, chipped, crooked or stained teeth, even those patients with gaps or teeth out of alignment.

Find out more about veneers

Your first visit to us – Part two

In the first part of this dental blog article we looked at how our first priority is to relieve pain then we looked at the first three things we would cover. We continue this blog entry here in part two looking at the remaining six elements that will make up your first dental appointment with us.

Step four: An assessment of the bone and gum supporting the teeth.73% of Australians will develop infections in the gum and bone at some time. This infection is known as pyorreah or periodontal disease and is the leading cause of tooth loss in Australia. Read the full blog post

What’s the buzz at Today’s Dentistry


Deanne and her husband are off to Europe at the end of April for a 3 week holiday to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary – congratulations and we hope they have the most amazing trip.Caitlyn has just got her license to take radiographs and to top off that success she is also sporting her new braces – be sure to ask her how its going next time you are in.

Anna has just started up painting again as a hobby – we look forward to seeing her masterpieces soon.

And finally we send Tharaka and Shannon best wishes for their respective first wedding anniversaries this month – only 24 more years till you get that 3 week holiday in Europe like Dee!

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