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June 2018 Today’s Dentistry eNewsletter

TMJ, Dental Health week and news from the practice

Last newsletter we brought you the exciting news that, after 30 years in the same location, Today’s Dentistry will be moving later this year to Kittyhawk Drive in Chermside (just behind Westfield). We will update our Welcome site with all the news of the move and we’ll keep you up-to-date as it all progresses.

Thank you for trusting us and our team to be your dental partner. We really value you, your smile and giving you an exceptional experience when you visit us.

We look forward to seeing you at your next visit,

Drs Darryl and David and the team at Today’s Dentistry



Bronwyn celebrates 13 years with Brisbane dentist Today's Dentistry

News from around the practice

It’s been a big couple of months of celebrating some of our hard-working long term team members with Deanne (16yrs), Monica (10yrs), Bronwyn (13yrs) and Carlene (3yrs) all celebrating work anniversaries.

We also celebrated the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea and raised over $170 which was both fun and worthwhile. Thank you to everyone who came along!

On our Facebook page you can also check out a number of us having dental check up’s ourselves and there’s a gorgeous baby pic of Sonia’s new baby girl Maddie.

Health fund claim reminder

It’s the end of June so time to remember that some private health funds reset based on the financial year rather than the calendar year.

To make the most out of your annual allowances and benefits check with your fund whether it resets on June 30 or Dec 31 to ensure you maximise the benefits available for dental (and physio, massage etc!).

Call us on 3263 2677 to discuss getting the most out of your dental benefits.

TMJ advice from Brisbane Dentist Dr Darryl Marsh5 TMJ tips

Do you suffer from headaches, grind your teeth at night or suffer from a stiff or really sore jaw?

These can sometimes be symptoms of TMJ problems. In this article Dr Darryl gives you 5 quick tips to help if you are suffering from TMJ problems:

  • Stick to soft food
  • Get relief with a heat pack
  • Tell your dentist
  • Have the issue assessed
  • Combine dental with physio

Our dental health talks in the local community schools

2018’s Dental Health Week is coming from the 6-12th of August. This year’s theme is ‘Watch your mouth’ which asks you to look after all the different parts of your oral health from teeth, to gums, to diet and everything in between.

This year as a part of our annual dental education talks to schools around Dental Health Week we are delighted to send Bronwyn off to 4 local primary schools to speak to the Year 2 children about how to look after their dental health.

If your children go to Aspley State School, Kurwongbah State School, Aspley East State School or Craigslea State School please tell them to give Bronwyn a nice warm ‘hello’ and smile if they see her.

Patient Centre

Packed with useful information, links and resources for you – our patient.

More dental resources here

  • Mouthwash or Salt Water Rinse - Are there any long term side effects of rinsing the mouth with salt water? “Does it weaken the tooth, or interfere with saliva secretion, or is it irreversibly abrasive to the taste buds? How does a salt water rinse compare with dental mouthwashes?” – Question from Stephanie in Chermside West, Brisbane Dr David Kerr replies:
  • Our practice has been designed around your comfort with in-chair DVD and TV Kids adult teeth not coming through properly - As your child starts losing their baby teeth and their adult teeth come through, it’s normal to worry if things are going the way they should. Here are questions we often receive from parents who are concerned about how their kids adult teeth are developing. Then, in our second article in this series, we’ll look
  • Dental implants cost will be determined on your situation. We will look at dental options to fit your budget. Extracting Teeth - I have a toothache and am worried I might have to get it taken out. Does a sore tooth always have to be extracted? “Do all tooth extractions cost the same? Are there alternatives to having your tooth extracted?” – Question from Jane from Everton Hills, Brisbane Dr Darryl Marsh replies: When you have a

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