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June 2010 Today’s Dentistry eNewsletter

Keeping up with the tooth fairy's rate of inflation, denture adhesive warning and tongue piercings

Dental health tips from the team at Today’s Dentistry

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Can you keep up with the tooth fairy’s rate of inflation?

imageLong gone are the days where the tooth fairy leaves 10 or 20c.

Now it is more like $1-$5 with reports of some children even receiving $20 or $50. But the tooth fairy is about so much more than the amount of money left behind – it is all about the magic!

For a 6-8 year old, the magic of the tooth fairy visit can dull the memory of the pain of loosing a tooth. Even to the point where some kids want to loose more!

So rather than increasing the amount of money that they ask from the tooth fairy, why not see if the tooth fairy will increase the magic!

Kids, and their siblings, love it when the tooth fairy leaves a note or present (perhaps a new toothbrush) surrounded in a magical trail of fairy dust.

Tongue piercings can lead to tooth gaps

imageIf you ever wondered whether pierced tongues affected dental health well you’re right.

It’s well known that tongue piercing increases the risks of many undesirable dental problems, like chipping or cracking teeth, receding gums and wearing down tooth enamel. Researchers in the United States are now adding orthodontic damage to the list.

It’s been found that people with pierced tongues habitually push the stud end of their piercing against the inside of their front teeth. In many cases this habit requires braces to repair the damage.

Tax time – Did you know the medical expenses rebate includes dental?

With the end of the 2010 financial year looming it helps to know your full entitlements. Did you know that a medical expenses rebate exists and the tax office allows you to claim a rebate for 20% of your medical expenses beyond a $1,500 threshold?

This amount is the combined amount paid by or on behalf of yourself, your spouse and your dependents, less any reimbursements from Medicare or your private health insurer.

These medical expenses can include payments to dentists, orthodontists
or registered dental mechanics. You can find full information about the Net Medical Expenses tax offset from the ATO website.

Check your denture adhesive – zinc content warning

imageEarlier this year GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) withdrew Polident Extra Hold denture adhesive from sale in Australia, warning of potential health risks from its long-term excessive use. See the full customer advisory from GSK here.

We are advising all our patients that wear dentures to check their current denture adhesive products against this customer advice and to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Remember, if your dentures don’t fit well using excessive adhesive is not the solution. For dentures that “rub, slip or move around” talk to the team at Today’s Dentistry in Brisbane as there are ways to make sure this doesn’t happen – and to help you get the best out of your dentures! Call us for more information or find out more about how we can help on our website.

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