Tax time – The medical expenses tax offset includes dental but changes are afoot for the next tax year

Currently, the medical expenses rebate is 20% of the excess above out-of-pocket expenses of $2000.However, from 1 July 2012, people with adjusted taxable income above $84,000 (single) or $168,000 (families) will have their medical expenses rebate reduced to 10% of the excess above out-of-pocket expenses of $5,000 (indexed annually).These medical expenses can include payments to dentists, orthodontists or registered dental mechanics. You can find full information about the Medical Expenses tax offset from the following page on the ATO website or use their Tax offset calculator.

A mouthguard with a difference

Check out this mouthguard – does it inspire fear?That was the aim of this custom-made mouthguard we recently worked on for one of our patients.This mouthguard will now be striking fear into the heart of her opponents in Brisbane’s ever growing popular sport of Roller Derby.

Is youth wasted on the young?

In this blog entry Dr Darryl Marsh writes... my perspective on why the price of dental work is less important than how you take care of your teeth over your lifetime.As my friends and I reach our 50s I can fully appreciate the adage that ‘Youth is wasted on the young’. At age 25 good health seemed a given. Bodies required no maintenance to keep them feeling good and in reasonable running order. It’s like you’re floating downstream with the current.The tide changes

At age 50, my how ‘the game has changed’. Being 50 is more like you’re rowing upstream. And the same approach should be taken for your teeth.

Read more about why you should not simply just accept dentures as an inevitable solution

Ask a Dentist:

Q: Sam from Stafford asked: “I had braces in primary school and I am 21 now. I am worried my teeth have moved and will continue to move and go all over the place again. I am not sure what to do?”

Since she was 1 it has slowly chipped away to the gum, I have taken her to other dentists who tell me to wait for it to fall out. However today I noticed that her gum above it is going black – what should I do? Is it affecting her adult tooth?She has had bad breath and swollen gums too so I am worried she might also have gum disease. I don’t want to take any risks with her teeth.”Dr David Kerr replies:

A great deal depends on your level of comfort with the current cosmetic appearance of your smile. Following orthodontic treatment (particular a long time after) some people can experience different levels of relapse.When we see changes such as these there is always the concern of abscess formation and infection. The gum and oral tissues should be naturally a light pink colour when healthy.
Braces 20 – 30 years ago? The good old days of Orthodontics In the ‘old days’ of orthodontic treatment, retention was approached in a completely different way to now. It’s not unusual that patients were told: “wear this retainer full time for 6 months and then throw it away.” We have since realised that that approach to retention just does not work.

Read full answer here

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Facebook fun and competitions

This month we ask…What is the best thing you (or someone else) has done to encourage or taught your child so that they look after their dental health?Can you guess what year Darryl was groomsman at this Hawaiian wedding? It’s the same year he opened his practice in Brisbane’s Northside. Find out the year on our Facebook timeline.

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At the end of each month we will randomly draw one person to receive a year’s worth of tooth goodies for their family including toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss.

Every day, three Australians are diagnosed with oral cancer.

Oral cancer is primarily associated with smoking but research has revealed that 25% of those diagnosed have NEVER SMOKED!There are many aspects of oral hygiene and general lifestyle choices that can decrease the chance of you, your friends, and your loved one’s from being diagnosed with oral cancer.The Australian Dental Association has created a special website to raise awareness of oral cancer with a wealth of information from the basics of oral hygiene to methods of minimising your risk of oral cancer.


What’s the buzz at Today’s Dentistry


Anna had a double celebration recently when her partner Jason proposed to her on her birthday – she said yes and we are all overjoyed for her. Looking forward to hearing more about the wedding plans, which may include a ceremony in a picturesque Woodford farm setting – we’ll see.Robyn Russell is off to the USA and taking her two very excited daughters to Disneyland – make sure you say hi to Mickey Mouse for us.

You may see some new faces on reception soon as Kait is moving to part-time work at Today’s Dentistry. Kait is starting full time study on a Bachelor of Arts – we wish Kait all the best in her studies.

Orthodontic Assistant Belinda joins us again on Wednesday’s. You may remember Belinda as she worked at Today’s Dentistry before she left to have her son 18 months ago. Welcome back Belinda!

Finally Happy birthday to Alischa who celebrated her birthday earlier this month – check out the amazing cake!

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