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April 2011 Today’s Dentistry eNewsletter

Flossing and memory loss, Mini-implants and tooth whitening

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In this edition of our Dental Tips newsletter:

  • Dr. Darryl Marsh explains advanced testing techniques in children’s dentistry.
  • Do suffer from memory loss? There could be a link with not flossing.
  • Our Ask a Dentist forum looks at mini implants.
  • Learn more about dental tooth whitening
  • And there’s loads of exciting news from our practice in What’s the Buzz, including the arrival of twins…

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Drs Darryl and David and the team at Today’s Dentistry



Can you remember to floss? Flossing and memory loss

Spending time and effort to floss might be a wise investment- not just reducing the risks for gum disease, heart disease and stroke- but also in protecting against memory loss.

Researchers at West Virginia School of Dentistry are studying a link between gum disease and memory loss. The researchers compared participants’ oral health and performance on a memory test. The older men and women who scored lowest on the memory test (mirroring early Alzheimers disease symptoms) had the most association with gum disease causing bacteria.

The benefits of regular brushing and flossing go beyond just a healthy mouth. Regular 6 monthly appointments with the dental hygienist can ensure that this bacteria is being effectively removed and they can help you learn how to clean in between your teeth as well… if you can’t remember how!

Ask a Dentist: Mini-implants question

Robert from Bridgeman Downs asks: “Is it possible to have mini implants and not be toothless for the few months before full implants? I have a right back tooth and a bottom left tooth (both noticeable when I talk) that require attention.

These are currently crowned, but the crowns keep breaking off and I lose some of the original tooth each time. Thanks.”

Dr David Kerr replies: “That is an excellent question, Bob – you’ve obviously done your research into mini implants!

Yes, you can use mini implants, however I would not recommended them as an interim solution due to two technical limitations… ”

Thinking about whitening?

Getting married soon? Taking that well-deserved school holiday break? Or just want a dazzling smile in time for the royal wedding?

It’s easy to brighten up your smile with our range of tooth whitening take home or in-office teeth whitening systems.

We offer a complimentary 15 min whitening consultation. In this time we will check the suitability of your teeth, give you an idea of shade and sensitivity and answer any questions you may have.

What’s the buzz at Today’s Dentistry

Find out about the news around Today's Dentistry in Brisbane
Twin sons of David have arrived safely – we’re still celebrating the joyous arrival of Catherine and Dr David’s twin sons, William and Xavier.

Congratulations also go to Shannon and Tony who recently got married. All the best for a happy future together!

We welcome back our hygienist Robyn from maternity leave and also welcome the new addition to our team of Oral health therapists, Chanelle. Dental assistant Caitlyn also recently joined the team.

We welcome a new face at the front desk and voice on the phone, Kait. Kait, a keen netballer, has worked in dental administration since 2008 and already has her finger on the pulse at Today’s Dentistry – please be sure to offer a warm welcome next time you are in or call us.

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