Dentists have been around for a long time

Scientists have recently reported a discovery that reveals just how long the field of dentistry has been around – it is at least 6,500 years old. The tooth that was found and analysed appears to have been filled with beeswax, perhaps to reduce the pain of a cavity.

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When we read this we were just glad that we can offer our patients anaesthetic to make a getting a filling in 2012 a pain free procedure!

Ask a Dentist

Q:Peter from Murrumba Downs in Brisbane asked:

“I have had some problems with some previous dental work…

“I had a filling done a few months ago and everything was fine and then I started to get some sensitivity to hot/cold and now it’s a bit tender to bite on. I went back to the dentist and they tried me on a special toothpaste and that didn’t help. Why is this happening when the filling is only 4 months old? Should I go back to the same dentist for this or should I get a second opinion?”

Dr Darryl Marsh replies:

Like all medical procedures when problems crop up following a dental procedure there is not always a clear answer. Things could be a bit more complicated than they first appear.

The biological cost of any medical or dental treatment

With any dental or medical procedure there is a biological cost, regardless of whether it is a tooth, an arm or a heart. When you repair a tooth it will never be as perfect as a completely ‘untouched’ tooth.

I will tell you what you should do, whether to go see a different dentist and the questions you should ask if you do seek a second opinion. Plus find out my very best recommendation for looking after your teeth in the long term.

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Replacing missing teeth – Dental implants give the best results

A dental implant is a titanium screw that integrates with your jaw to replace the lost tooth root. A porcelain crowned tooth is then attached to the top of the implant to complete your smile.The dental implant procedure has been around for over 30 years and gives you the closest result to having your own natural teeth back.
Dental implants can be used to:

Replace a single missing tooth with a single dental implantReplace a row of missing teeth secured over multiple dental implantsReplace a whole mouthful of teeth if necessary.

Why have dental implants?

If you have lost or are missing a tooth and have a large gap, then your jaw will continue to shrink and weaken until the gap is filled. Dental implants are the best way to stop this continuing damage and give you the closest result to having your own natural teeth back.

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Five dental warning signs not to be ignored

Dr Darryl Marsh writes… In this blog entry I take a closer look at the top five dental warning signs that you should not ignore, or they may cost you a lot more pain and money down the track.
The top 5 dental warning signs

  1. Pain when eating or having hot or cold drinks
  2. Food catching between the teeth
  3. Bleeding gums when you brush and floss
  4. Bad breath
  5. Cracked, broken or chipped old fillings or teeth

These dental problems take some time to develop, but usually are overlooked until an abscess develops and causes you pain.

Find out why you can’t afford to ignore these warnings

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If you have been in to see one of our Hygiene team recently you may have noticed a change, Alischa has sadly left our practice for a new adventure. But on the bright side, we are welcoming our new hygiene assistant Hayley to the Today’s Dentistry family! Be sure to say “Hello” to Hayley next time you are in.Sadly Tharaka is finishing up with Today’s Dentistry in November. Tharaka has decided to move back to Adelaide to be closer to his family. We shall miss him and we wish Tharaka and his family the very best.