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Dental tips newsletter, October 2011


Thanks for recommending us
We love it when a patient thinks enough of our practice to recommend us to a friend. Thanks to the people below for recommending us to their friends – a voucher for Top Nosh café is on its way out to you as a token of our appreciation.
Karen G.Mark R.
Leanne C.
Chungath J.
Noelle S.
Sienna B.
John T.
Jess K.
David C.
Chris R.
Paul I.
Hannah C.
Elizabeth B.
Christopher D.
Abbi-Caroline D.
Jamie H.
Emma L.
Chantal H.
Lauren R.
Derek A.
Vanessa K.
Carol B.
Jenny H.
Lance H.
Juryl F.Joyce H.
Philip H.
Phoneix H.
William S.
Kate J.
Paul G.
George K.
Lisa K.
Oriana M.
Candy P.
Graeme R.
Peter E.
Dorothy F.
Shauna P.
Abdulmejeed M.
Geoffrey O.
Charmaine B.
Michelle S.
Audrey G.
Candie T.
Aaron G.
Brenton C.
Patrick L.
Welcome to Today’s Dentistry
We would also like to extend a warm welcome to the new patients that have first visited us since the last eNewsletter:
Zariyah A.Mohammed A.
Amato A.
Mohammed A.
Abdulmejeed A.
Ali A.
Pramod A.
Jamie A.
Katherine B.
Kelly B.
Russell B.
Claire B.
Olivia B.
Rebecca B.
Tony B.
Candice B.
Mark B.
James B.
Isaac B.
Garry B.
Messina B.
Bradley B.
Jacob C.
John C.
Dina C.
Rosale C.
Kate C.
Saras C.
Sarudzai C.
Ajay C.
Jeevan C.
Liviu C.
Kikuko C.
Helen C.
Atheena C.
Brittany C.
Emil C.
Leanne C.
Michael C.
Tyson C.
Tehleeya C.
Ernest C.
Finn C.
Oviiu C.
MacKenzie D.
Sidney D.
William D.
Pauline D.
Veerpal D.
Kevin D.
Cheryl D.
Janet D.
Naomi D.
Sharon D.
Nadia D.
Ashlyn D.
Penny E.
Rachael E.
Trevor E.
William E.
Melinda E.
Dion E.
Chantal E.
Luke F.
Daniel F.
Mitchell F.
Lorraine F.
Claire F.
Betty F.
Caitlin F.
Shane G.
Amanda G.
Donna G.
Nicholas G.
Sarah G.
Daniel G.
Alyssa G.
Rebecca G.
Jamieson G.
Jeffrace G.
Rafael G.
Romek G.
Ewan H.
Jessica H.
Josephine H.
Dennis H.
Paul H.
Melinda H.
Alexandra H.
Daniel H.
Chris H.
Teremoana H.
Susan H.
Karen H.
Michelle H.
Linda H.
Mackenzie H.
MacKinley H.
Danielle H.
Chloe H.
Megan H.Fay I.
Lynn J.
Kirra J.
Josmy J.
Lesley J.
Stacey J.
Desha J.
Renee J.
George K.
Katie K.
Christian K.
Daniel K.
Jonathon K.
Jasmine K.
Savita K.
Shelley L.
Jacques L.
Michael L.
Mel L.
Eoin M.
James M.
Edwin M.
Aimee M.
Noor M.
Edward M.
Merle M.
Sarah M.
Andrew M.
Nicole M.
Ben M.
Joshua M.
Casey M.
Farai M.
Nayerah N.
Naithan N.
John N.
Manfred N.
Edward O.
Joy O.
Joanne P.
Madonna P.
Jason P.
Roman P.
Marina R.
Jessica R.
Danielle R.
Thomas R.
Hammish R.
Alzira R.
Rosanna R.
Carmel R.
Leigh Ann R.
Zayne R.
Francis R.
Ellen R.
Catherine S.
Peter S.
Emily S.
Samuel S.
Michael S.
Rhonda S.
Fiona S.
Peter S.
Fiona S.
Jasmine S.
Joshua S.
Widya S.
Chanel S.
Steven S.
Alexis S.
Jill S.
Michelle S.
Joel S.
Chris S.
Hannah T.
Yen Ching T.
Althea T.
Paul T.
Kayla T.
Jonathon T.
Brooke T.
Cindy V.
Dwayne V.
Eliza W.
Karen W.
Gael W.
Michael W.
Aaron W.
Jack W.
Beth W.
Desley W.
Cushla W.
Natasha W.
Jordan W.
Dominique W.
Tyler W.
Grace W.
Katherine W.
Renee W.
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Your chance to win every month for the rest of 2011!

In this issue of Dental tips:


The team at Today’s Dentistry

Like our Facebook page to go into the draw to WIN!

imageFor the remainder of 2011 we are running our Facebook competition. To be in the running all you need to do is ‘Like’ the Today’s Dentistry page.

At the end of each month we will randomly draw one person to receive a year’s worth of tooth goodies for the family including toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss.

If you have already ‘Liked’ us then don’t worry – you are already in the draw! Winners will be announced and contacted via Facebook.

During your pregnancy: taking care of your dental health

In this blog entry Dr Darryl Marsh writes…

Make sure you inform your dentist or hygienist if you are (or there is a chance you are) pregnant. This will allow us to plan your treatment around these considerations.

It is important to take care of dental problems such as cavities and plaque build up early in the pregnancy as bacteria from the mouth can cross the placenta and have been found in the amniotic fluid. This means that any infections and problems the mother has can affect the healthy development of the baby.

We recommend an examination before you get pregnant or as soon as you know you are pregnant if you are not on a regular 6 monthly appointment schedule.There are two main reasons that good dental care is important during pregnancy:

Reason number one: You want to try to minimise any infections commonly associated with emergency dental treatment during pregnancy because of the inconvenience… and

Reason number two:To avoid any antibiotics or dental surgery that may have a negative effect on your baby or to yourself.Remember the bacteria in the baby’s mouth largely come from the mother. If mum has bacteria that cause tooth cavities or gum infection, these are problems she will pass on to the baby.

Read more about morning sickness, calcium loss in teeth, bleeding gums and fertility treatments.

Ask a Dentist:

Q: “Is it safe to use a toothpick to remove food stuck between my teeth after a meal? I do floss after every meal and brush my teeth twice a day.

My flatmate keeps telling me it not safe to use toothpicks but he is not a dentist!”

Dr Darryl Marsh replies: The short answer is that if you use a toothpick, wooden or plastic, gently and carefully then it may not damage your teeth – but it is more likely to damage the gum. There may be a better solution than a toothpick…

Got a question for your dentist, but don’t feel the need for an appointment to ask it? Here’s your chance to ask one of Today’s Dentistry’s experts. You’re welcome to drop us a question any time, and we’ll answer it. The best questions will be featured here in our bi-monthly newsletter and onour website.

The incredible, invisible way to straighten your teeth with NO Braces

imageIf you have always wanted beautiful straight teeth but not the ‘metal mouth’ it took to achieve it – Invisalign is for you!

Invisalign uses a series of clear removable aligners to gradually bring your teeth to a beautifully straight smile – no braces, metal wires or brackets! Perfect for teenagers or people that might be self-conscious about having metal braces.

Best of all you can take the aligner out while you eat, drink or brush your teeth. Invisalign can straighten your teeth in approximately 9-18 months depending on your individual circumstances.Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces!

Read more

What Cereal offenders are at your breakfast table?

imageCereal is often thought to be a healthy start to the day.

But research shows many breakfast cereals contain more sugar than a piece of chocolate cake or jam doughnut. These figures are for cereal only and don’t include the extra sugar many will sprinkle on top to make it taste better!

Crunchy nut cornflakes is the country’s top seller. It is also one of the worst offenders in the sweet stakes, with 12.6g of sugar in a 40g serving- approximately three teaspoons per small bowl. In comparison a jam doughnut contains 8.6g sugar and a slice of chocolate cake just 5.4g! And you wouldn’t dream of eating these for breakfast as a healthy option!

The rising obesity crisis in Australia, in children as well, leads to problems with diabetes, heart disease, infertility, cancer and premature death. Not to mention the potential dental damage! Dental diseases are among the most preventable diseases in Australia.

Our sugary breakfasts contribute to dental decay, dental pain and costly dental bills – all before the kids have even gone to school! For a healthy alternative try plain oatmeal with fresh fruit or a smoothie! And lay off the extra sugar.

Check out the nutritional values for popular cereals with this handy comparison tool.

The end of year health fund trap

Many people are unaware that any unused health fund benefits do not carry over from one year to the next. This means that if you are a part of a health fund that runs from January to December and you delay dental treatment until the new year – you will lose any outstanding coverage amount for 2011. These benefits have been paid for so make sure you take full advantage of them!

If you are unsure of how any forthcoming treatment you may have in mind is affected by this, call Anna, Monica or Sarah on (07) 3863 6911 to review your outstanding treatment and to schedule an appointment.

What’s the buzz at Today’s Dentistry


This time of year at Today’s Dentistry we get to celebrate lots of birthdays and hopefully the cake that comes along with them!

October holds three birthdays:Catherine on the 3rd, Chanelle on the 6th and Caitlynon the 12th.

Then another busy birthday month in November: David on the 1st,Robyn Russell on the 5th, Kait on the 16th and Shannon on the 28th!!

If you are coming in be sure to wish them a ‘Happy Birthday’ – particularly David who is celebrating his 40th!!We wish Zoe all the best as she approaches her final university exams for her nursing course – we are sure you will do amazingly at them.

Finally we wish Shannon safe and happy travels as she jets off to Laos for four weeks at the end of October – we hope you enjoy all the national and regional festivals (bun)!

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