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Dental tips newsletter, May 2015

Mother's day dental gift ideas, Aspley State School's 125th birthday and our Facebook competition winner

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We would like to wish all of the hard working mother’s that we have the pleasure of treating a very happy and well deserved Mother’s Day for this coming Sunday!

Gift ideas from us

Teeth Whitening Take Home Package Voucher

Stuck for gift ideas for this mother’s day? For something a bit different why not consider a voucher whiter teeth?

With our Take Home Teeth Whitening Package voucher, mum can enjoy a whiter brighter smile for all those future family photos.

See the voucher in our dental store >

Find out more about Teeth Whitening >

Why all the fuss about dental technologies?

What is the difference between visiting a dentist who has the latest in dental technology compared to one who doesn’t?

Modern dental technologies have changed dramatically over the last 25 years, giving Today’s Dentistry’s dentists the ability to assess and diagnose our patients quickly, painlessly, and more accurately than ever before.

State of the Art Equipment at Today's Dentistry

Click here to watch our short video and see for yourself

Find out more about why we use modern dental technologies and what they mean for your treatment.

2002-01-31-FB_TD-facebookfunniesCongratulations to our Facebook winners!

Congratulations to our April winners for our monthly Facebook competition, Karen Catanzaro.

For your chance to win our monthly prize draw of an Oral B electric toothbrush PLUS keep up with lighter side of dentistry, ‘Like’ our practice’s Facebook page today.

Community News

Today’s Dentistry are proud to be a silver sponsor of Aspley State School’s 125th birthday celebrations that are set to continue throughout 2015!

Today's Dentistry is a proud sponsor of Aspley State School's 125th anniversaryThe school is one of Brisbane northside’s longest established schools and the Aspley 125 program of activities celebrates and commemorates this milestone achievement. In September they are organising a birthday BLAST party for the school followed by a reunion.

If you are a past pupil, or can pass this onto one: check out the school website or their dedicated Facebook page for more information about getting involved.

What’s the buzz

What's the buzz at Today's Dentistry?

Caitlyn and her hubby are traveling in Tasmania (1). They are touring around in a motorhome which looks lovely but freezing!

Chanelle’s little Carter celebrated his first birthday mid-April (2), and Hayley’s little Lincoln has his first birthday in May – my how time flys!

Annie and her boyfriend Justin are enjoying a well deserved break in Bali (3 – pictured hiking up Mout Batur) before heading to Singapore.

Darryl and Belinda (4) are in the USA this week attending a dental conference.

David, Annie, and Alisha are going to Cambodia for a week in June to volunteer in a dental clinic that treats street children. We’ll bring you photos and stories of this experience upon their return.

We welcome new staff! Be sure to say “Hi” next time you are in…

We have recently welcomed some staff members – Sarah, Tegan, and Paige. They are settling in well and enjoying meeting all of our wonderful patients.

Patient Centre

Packed with useful information, links and resources for you – our patient.

More dental resources here

  • Orthodontics FAQs - Finding out whether your child needs corrective dental work or not can put your mind at rest. Here, we answer some orthodontic questions we often get asked by parents. Is there anything parents of young children can do to prevent or minimise the amount of orthodontics that their kids may need? Not really. Your mum
  • young boy sleeping experiencing teeth grinding Kids teeth grinding - by
  • Call Today's Dentistry if you are looking for an emergency dentist Brisbane. Are You Scared of the Dentist? - I had a bad experience at a dentist where my heart started racing and I felt like I was going to pass out. “Basically, I am very scared of the dentist and have been as long as I can remember. It’s now been a long time since my last dental visit and I now have

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