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August 2016 Today’s Dentistry eNewsletter

News from us, upcoming events and Orthodontics for young kids

How young do kids start Orthodontics?

If your child’s teeth aren’t straight or their jaws aren’t lining up, the Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends an early examination or screening for kids between the ages of eight and 10 years.

Display images to see a clear aligner which is an option for some Orthodontic patients

I read that some kids are going to the orthodontist as young as seven. But if they’re not old enough for braces yet, why are they getting them?

Orthodontics is all about proper assessment and about making some sort of prediction about the “best time for intervention”. It’s important to intervene in a timely manner, whether it’s doing something for your child’s teeth as an early intervention or leaving it for a definitive treatment (such as teenager braces) at a more appropriate time.

A lot of a child’s dental problems are often overcome through growth. Eg, if overcrowded, adult-sized teeth are coming through in a little kid’s jaw, their teeth won’t change size but their jaw may grow to give enough space for them to erupt properly.

With any early intervention, we try to be practical because there’s a big risk that kids will burn out of having dental or orthodontic treatment.

Read the full article to find out what every parent needs to know before you worry about braces…

You can find out more about Orthodontics at our free information night in November – keep reading for more details…



News around our practice

Display images to see Dr Darryl in his moon bootIt’s great to see Darryl back in the practice, hobbling around in a “moon boot”, after breaking his foot. He’s taking each day one hop at a time!

Both of our Robyns have welcomed new puppies into their families. Robyn Schmidt and Bella have a new miniature Schnauzer “Little Schmidty”, and Robyn Russell’s family welcomed “Benny” the Labradoodle.
 Display images to meet two puppies - Little Schmidty and Benny
This month many of our team are doing further education and training seminar’s.

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Dental bridge Brisbane: before and after a dental bridge by Today's Dentistry on Brisbane's Northside

Before and after a dental bridge and crown by Today’s Dentistry

What are Bridges and Crowns?

A crown is a hardwearing dental cap which restores a tooth’s shape and protects your own natural tooth below. The ceramic material of a crown strengthens your tooth and gives your smile a beautifully natural look.

Dental bridges replace a missing tooth or teeth by placing a ceramic tooth in a gap that is held in place by crowns on the surrounding teeth. Crowns and bridges are an excellent alternative to dentures that give you a strong and natural looking smile.



Our upcoming free info evenings

Not sure of the best way to care for your child's dental healthFollowing the success of our Missing teeth options seminar in May we are hosting two further free information evenings this year:

Please share these events with friends or family who might be interested.

Our Seminars



Display images to see 'Harry Potter' OlliverSchool holiday dress up competition

During the winter school holidays, our little patients got to come to their dental appointment dressed up as their favourite character.

Well done to our winner, ‘Harry Potter’ Olliver, who won a $50 movie voucher!

Throughout this competition we also welcomed Instagram to the practice – we’d love you to follow us on Instagram.



Happy Dental Health Week!

Display images to see the Dental Health Week imageThe beginning of August celebrates Dental Health Week! This year the Australian Dental Association (ADA) chose to focus on women and oral health.

Often women look after the people in their lives yet can neglect their own dental health needs, particularly at key developmental times in their lives such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

In dental health week we highlighted various aspects of women’s oral health, and invite you to ‘like’ our Facebook page to share this info with the women in your life.



Patient Centre

Packed with useful information, links and resources for you – our patient.

More dental resources here

  • Wisdom Teeth - “I have a wisdom tooth that is coming through with an exposed nerve that is causing me a great deal of pain. Do I have to have something done now, what would the cause of action be and how much would it cost? I’m also pregnant so what does that mean?” – Question from Sonya
  • Chalky Teeth - “My child has white marks on her teeth which I have been researching and discovered the condition hypomineralisation. I have never heard of this before and not sure what it means and what I should do. Can you tell me more about it?” – Question from Natasha of Albany Creek in Brisbane Dr David Kerr
  • Bad Taste / Breath Question - Do you know what the cause of the bad breath taste may be? “Over the last week I have noticed I have been getting a really bad taste in my mouth and I do not know what the cause of it is. I brush my teeth twice a day.” – Question from Mark, Strathpine, Brisbane

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