beautiful smiles created here. no pain, no kidding

beautiful smiles created here. no pain, no kidding

June 2010 Today’s Dentistry eNewsletter

Caring for baby teeth, children’s toothpaste and tooth whitening

What’s happening at Today’s Dentistry

Well Christmas and New Years is fast approaching! Time to loosen the belt for your Christmas lunch and get those new resolutions down on paper.

We’d like to wish all our patients and their families a very Merry Christmas. And just to enhance your Christmas cheer – we ‘Elf’d ourselves’, click here to take a look! (it can take a little time to load the first time so please be patient.)

In this newsletter we dive into some top tips for caring for your children’s baby teeth. Darryl has recently started a dental blog on the Today’s Dentistry website and this is a topic he will be focusing on in the coming month. If you don’t have children then make sure you forward this newsletter onto a friend who does. For regular updates from Darryl’s blog sign up as our friend on Facebook.

Still on the topic of children’s dental health and our new regular feature Ask a Dentist sees a patient ask David about the safety of children’s toothpaste and what he thinks of ‘going organic?’.

We look at the easiest way to brighten up your summer – that is with whiter teeth and introduce Opalescence, the whitening product we found to be the best.

Finally, scroll right to the bottom of the newsletter to find out the latest gossip and buzz at Today’s Dentistry, including our Christmas opening hours.

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Drs Darryl and David and the team at Today’s Dentistry

Chermside Dentist Brisbane

Did we all start hating the dentist as a child?

For many of our patients that hate visiting the dentist, this fear stems right back to their childhood.

A visit to the dentist 30 odd years ago meant nervous waiting rooms, daunting drill noises and a painful ‘in-chair’ experience. Isn’t it nice that our children don’t have to have the same experience!There are ways to ensure your kids don’t fear the dentist and this comes back to maintaining good dental health.

In a series of articles for my new dental blog I am looking at children’s dental health. The first article is all about modern dental techniques we can use to help children avoid dental problems, and this means avoiding long and frequent dental visits. Click here to view the full article…

Whiter teeth for summer

Dental teeth whitening is a safe, easy and effective way to get whiter and brighter teeth. With summer on the way (and a number of upcoming weddings) we are receiving an increased number of inquiries about our whitening services.

We recently reviewed the whitening products available to dentists and have selected Opalescence as our product of choice – both for in-office and take home whitening systems.

Visit our tooth whitening treatment page for more information about dental whitening if you have any question about this procedure.

Ask a dentist…

Joanne from Seven Hills in Brisbane asks: “My kids are 2 and 3 and I noticed that their kid’s toothpaste says ‘Do not swallow’ but they do – is this bad for them? Is there a better toothpaste option for them? What do you think of organic toothpaste?”

What’s the buzz at Today’s Dentistry

Step inside and find out what has been going on behind the scenes at Today’s Dentistry…

Our practice had had the best 22nd birthday present of all – a new look! Please pop in to see Today’s Dentistry’s with more space, a bigger and better kids room, all with that same relaxed atmosphere that you are used to.

Our hygienist Robyn began her maternity leave last week. We wish her the very best for her upcoming arrival and look forward to welcoming her back part-time next February.

We are all sharing Debbie’s excited anticipation about her upcoming holiday next February. She is off to Japan for a skiing holiday – so sore legs and lots of yummy food will be sure to feature in our March newsletter! Everyone else is simply looking forward to an enjoyable Christmas and New Year – this we are taking a beautiful sail across to Tangalooma!

Over the holiday period Today’s Dentistry will be closed from 23rd of December to the 4th of January.

We wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and look forward to looking after your smiles again in the New Year.