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Today’s Dentistry Talks to Kids in our Community

Helping to teach good dental habits from an early age

Bronwyn introduces the kids to Norbit who helps to teach the kids how to look after their teeth – but watch out, he spits!!

In conjunction with Dental Health Week, Today’s Dentistry staff visited several childcares and a school throughout August to educate kids on ways to actively ‘stop the rot’. We talked to nearly 400 3-8 year olds across seven childcare centers in Aspley, Bald Hills, Chermside and McDowall and a year 2 class from Kurwongbah State School.

Childcare centre visits to teach 3-5 year olds

Patient coordinator Bronwyn took children through the basics of how to brush their teeth, how long and how many times a day.

Bronwyn played a little game with the kids to determine ‘sometimes foods’ from ‘everyday foods’. The game was nearly as popular as Norbit, our educational puppet who spits water at them – how cheeky!

As always, kids are very honest and one of the most comical events occurred when Bronwyn held up a blue bottle and a black bottle. While they are meant to depict water and fizzy drinks respectively, Bronwyn received a couple of alternative interpretations. One little girl yelled out “Wine!” while at another center we got “Beer!” and even “Rum!” Out of the mouth of babes!

Year 2 visit to teach 7-8 year olds

These older kids worked with Bronwyn and together they developed their own 6-step plan to great oral health.

They even conducted their own experiment using our disclosing tablet which shows up any uncleaned areas of the teeth.

Using a volunteer they showed that even at 7/8yrs of age, these kids don’t have the manual dexterity to brush on their own. The class promised that they would ask mum or dad to help brush their teeth that very night.

Patient coordinator Bronwyn took children through the basics of how to brush their teeth, how long and how many times a day.Overall we had some very happy little smiles

The kids were provided with worksheets and stickers as a part of a dental goodie bag. Meanwhile teachers and/or directors from these centers were encouraged to download from the Colgate website the ‘Bright smiles, Bright futures’ information packs available to them. Macleans also offer a similar program to encourage kids to develop good dental health care habits.

Brownyn was delighted at the welcome she received and the eagerness to learn from the kids, teachers and carers. “It really felt good to be able to provide much needed education to such bright little minds.”

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