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Local school and childcare dental education

by Brisbane northside kids dentist Today’s Dentistry

North Brisbane school and childcare dental talks

Today’s Dentistry has just completed our popular community education dental talks for 2015. Our superstar ‘dental teacher’ Bronwyn visited 5 local childcares in the North Brisbane suburbs of Chermside, Bald Hills, Aspley and Wavell Heights. We also spoke with 5 classes of primary schoolers in the Brisbane northside suburbs of Aspley and Albany Creek.

Interactive fun is the way to learn

Display images for North Brisbane kids dentist articleWhilst the childcare talks focused around dental basics and a bit of fun with Norbit our ‘dental patient’ puppet, the school aged kids gave Bronwyn an opportunity to get her ‘dental science’ lessons out.

“Many of the kids knew many of the key points about maintaining good oral health,” said Bronwyn. “In fact it was really pleasing to see how attentive and switched on they were, particularly when it came to our sugar experiments.”

The sugar experiment that Bronwyn did with the classes had them testing the sugar level across a poppa juice, a can of coke and a 250ml flavoured milk.  All the kids were surprised that the milk was almost the same as the coke, and that juice was a better option for sugar content. For no sugar content the kids were encouraged to enjoy water!

“I got the kids to role-play flossing using people – 2 as teeth and the other 2 as floss,” Bronwyn explained one of the fun games. “This was a great way for the kids to all see how important it was to floss of each side of their teeth.”

The funny things kids say

Display images for North Brisbane kids dentist articleWhen they kids were asked dental questions or shown a range of pictures of things to do with the dentist or oral health, here are some of the funny things they said:

  • Spittoon: The basin you spit into at the dentist, some kids said “It’s a toilet” or “It’s a washing-up tub”.
  • Triplex (the dental tool water and air is sprayed out): One little boy said with lots of enthusiasm “I know, it’s a gurney!”
  • Sometimes Drinks:Display images for North Brisbane kids dentist article  when asked what types of drinks were “sometimes drinks” one little guy authoritatively stated “Beer”. Not only did it get some giggles from the 4 & 5 year olds, it also prompted a could of answers such as “Wine” and “Rum”!

Today’s Dentistry: North Brisbane kids dentist

Display images for North Brisbane kids dentist articleEvery year we enjoy investing in our local community with these dental health care talks to local schools and childcares for the education, learning and laughter at this foundational level.

If your Brisbane northside school is interested in a talk for 2016 please contact Bronwyn at Today’s Dentistry. If you are looking for a dentist for your kids or children in Brisbane’s North then check out our Family Dental care and Kid’s dental resources or call us on 3263 2677.


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