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Information evening about options for people with missing teeth

Dental Implants more accessible than ever for those struggling with missing teeth

missing teeth optionsMore people are now using Dental Implants as a solution to missing teeth and loose, painful dentures.

Many people living with the discomfort of missing teeth are confused about dental care options, think that the best solution is beyond their means, and are unsure who to turn to for guidance.

Advances in technology now mean that specialist dentistry is more affordable than a decade ago, and can lead to enormous improvements to their quality of life.

Research shows that missing teeth affects more than the ability to chew food, with many reporting a loss in emotional confidence, and physically, poor nutrition and facial changes that can age appearances by up to ten years.

The benefits of Dental Implants impact overall health and wellbeing by stopping degenerative bone loss and shifting teeth when wearing dentures, and offer a more permanent and healthier alternative solution.

Free Dental Implant Information Seminar Wednesday May 25

Dr David Kerr is a dentist Brisbane and partner dentist at Today's Dentistry

Leading Brisbane dentist, Dr David Kerr of Today’s Dentistry will provide a free educational seminar to discuss dental options and dental implants for those who have lost a tooth, have multiple missing teeth, and for those interested in alternatives to full or partial dentures.

Attendees will learn about the dental treatments available nowadays, benefits of dental implants, have a tour of the practice and ask any questions they might have.

To reserve your seat call Today’s Dentistry on 3263 2677 or find out more about the Seminar.

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