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Dr David Kerr is one of the few dentists in Brisbane combining the latest 3D Sirona technology with dental implant treatment for patients with some or all of their teeth missing.

The Sirona’s Orthophos XG3D unit takes “full jaw” or panoramic X-Ray images in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

By using advances in 3D X-Ray technology with just released video scanning Kerr is able to produce a virtual 3D model that allows implant placement accuracy to the tenths of a millimetre.

Previously marrying up the placement of the implant in the bone to where the teeth were to be finally positioned was something completed during the implant surgery. This technology allows Kerr to plan each case virtually before even starting, giving a more accurate assessment of what can be achieved, how to achieve it and any potential complications along the way.

“By starting with the end result of the ideal tooth position we are able to work backwards to see where the implant needs to be placed in the bone “ said Dr Kerr. “Once the ideal position of the implant is determined this data is emailed to Germany where a precision guide for the implant placement is fabricated and returned to our office – usually within the week.”

And because of the precision with which the 3D X-Ray scan and the 3D virtual model are overlaid, any potential complications can be anticipated and dealt with long before any treatment is commenced. This means no surprises during the actual implant treatment for the patient or the dentist. “This technology allows us to be much more confident in what can be a very complex process” said Dr Kerr, “It’s like adding rear sensors to a reversing car.”

The Northside Cronicle featured our 3D X-Ray machine in July 2012.

The Northside Cronicle featured our 3D X-Ray machine in July 2012.

Dr Kerr is one of the first dentists in Brisbane to be using this technology and says he is greatly impressed with its accuracy and ease of use. He sees it as raising the benchmark of the level of quality care dentists can now offer their patients when planning their implant treatment.

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