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Our dental news within our Brisbane community

Investing in the future of dental health

Our dental news includes speaking at local Brisbane northside schools and childcare centres, our free dentistry days for charity, our free information evenings and the new technologies that we invest in at the practice.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Brisbane news

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in the news

June 2017: Brisbane’s Northside Chronicle interviews Dr David Kerr about dental treatment options for Snoring, Sleep disorders and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

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“Obstructive Sleep Apnoea often manifests as snoring but when patients come in to see us, it’s usually the person they share a bed with who complains about the snoring.”






Here is Bronwyn with her helper Norbit giving a dental talk - childrens dentist brisbane

Brisbane school and childcare dental talks 2016

Each year at Today’s Dentistry, we get involved in our community by presenting educational dental healthcare talks at some of the childcare centres and primary schools in the north Brisbane area.

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“The children were the perfect age to take on important points of oral health through interactive discussion,”

Dr David Kerr is a dentist Brisbane and partner dentist at Today's Dentistry

Free Dental Implant Seminar Wed May 25 2016

Dental Implants more accessible than ever for those struggling with missing teeth. Today’s Dentistry are providing a free educational seminar to discuss dental options and dental implants.

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“Useful information for patients that have lost a tooth, have multiple missing teeth, and for those interested in alternatives to full or partial dentures.”



North Brisbane school and childcare dental talks

North Brisbane school and childcare dental talks

Today’s Dentistry has just completed our popular community education dental talks for 2015. Our superstar ‘dental teacher’ Bronwyn visited 5 local childcares in the North Brisbane.

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“I got the kids to role-play flossing using people – 2 as teeth and the other 2 as floss,”

Dental volunteering in Cambodia

Today’s Dentistry volunteers in Cambodia

This June Today’s Dentistry sent three of our Chermside dental team to perform voluntary dental treatments on Cambodian street children in Sihanoukville, Cambodia for one week.

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“It amazed me  just how tolerant these kids were with receiving such extensive treatment.”


Today’s Dentistry talks to kids in our community

In conjunction with Dental Health Week, Today’s Dentistry staff visited several childcare centres and a school throughout August to educate kids on ways to actively ‘stop the rot’.

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“The class promised that they would ask mum or dad to help brush their teeth that very night.”


Dental implants and technology

Dr David Kerr is one of the few dentists in Brisbane combining the latest 3D Sirona technology with dental implant treatment for patients with some or all of their teeth missing.

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“This technology allows us to be much more confident in what can be a very complex process” said Dr Kerr, “It’s like adding rear sensors to a reversing car.”



Free Dentistry Day on May 10

Today’s Dentistry is providing a free day of dental care to local Brisbane residents in need on Friday, 10th of May.

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“We hope that our dental services will do more than just treat people’s teeth – we also want to give them a reason to smile.”



Today’s Dentistry staff member does dental volunteer work overseas

Not satisfied to simply relax and forget about work whilst on a recent holiday, Patient Coordinator Sarah Thomlinson contacted a school in Phuket about conducting some overseas dental volunteer work.

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“David and Darryl pledged ‘as many toothbrushes/resources you need’ so I took off with several hundred toothbrushes, stickers and educational dental materials.”


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  • There are various missing tooth replacement options that patients can choose from Missing tooth replacement options - When patients come to us with missing teeth, says Dr David Kerr, they often complain about 2 things: 1. Trouble eating - Missing teeth affects your ability to chew and limits the foods you can eat easily. As you get older, nutrition can become an issue. 2. Self-conscious about appearance - If you lose lots of teeth, it can change the way your face looks and how you age.
  • Before and after view of veneers treatment Tooth Whitening with Veneers - “A number of years I broke a tooth and had it replaced from halfway down. I am now considering having my teeth whitened and wondered what happens with that tooth. I do not want to have tooth bleaching done and then have that part that was replaced be a completely different colour. Can it all
  • Ill-fitting Dentures - “I have a top denture and a lower partial denture. I am very concerned about preserving my existing teeth and preventing gum shrinkage. Not to mention that my current dentures are ill-fitting. It’s time for my six month cleaning but I am not happy with my existing dental care – I want a dentist who

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