We are open, restrictions have eased for all dental treatments – Covid-19 update
We are open, restrictions have eased for all dental treatments – Covid-19 update


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What are Dental X-rays?

Dental X-rays are an essential part of good dental care. With the help of dental X-rays our dentists can:
  • see what’s happening in areas we normally cannot see
  • detect decay and cavities early
  • check the bone structure and any potential damage due to gum disease
  • diagnose impacted teeth or abscesses
  • help to plan and prepare any comprhensive treatment you might be having such as braces, dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers or dental implants

Today’s Dentistry practice in Brisbane uses state-of-the-art Digital Dental X-Rays.

Digital X-Rays allow our Dentists to easily share with you what they can see. Digital X-Rays are also faster and have less radiation.

The benefits of Digital X-rays:

  • Less radiation: Digital X-rays have far less radiation than traditional X-rays
  • Improved early diagnosis: Digital X-rays can be enlarged multiple times over to give our dentists clearer information about what is happening in your mouth
  • Fast: Digital X-rays are quick 4 times quicker and more precise. In moments we can take a close look and show you exactly what they reveal.
  • Better for the environment: Less radiation, no more dark room chemicals and all your X-rays can now be stored on our secure computer system

We give you all the options – you decide

Digital X-ray technology makes it easy for us to show you exactly what is happening with your teeth and gums – without leaving your chair. They help us achieve our policy of giving you open and honest advice on all your options, alternatives and the associated costs. This allows you to make the most informed decision you can about your dental care.

We take care of patients from all areas of Brisbane and invite you to call our friendly reception staff in Brisbane on (07) 3263 2677 or Contact us. They are never too busy to talk to you about Digital dental X-rays, or any other state of the art dental technology that you may have questions about.