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Special Advice To Help Children Avoid Dental Problems

Modern technology makes a big difference to little teeth

A smile is something to be proud of - whether it is white or has teeth missing!Dr Darryl Marsh writes… In this blog entry I want to start to talk about the topic of family dentistry, and by this I mean helping parents to understand and help care for their children’s teeth.

No parent wants to see their child suffering with an abscess or painful tooth cavity.

Fortunately, recent advances in dentistry have allowed dentists to identify decay risks early and follow this with procedures designed to heal these areas before they need fillings.

State of the art techniques detect decay early

These days we have materials and techniques available to us allow us to detect advanced or irreversible cavities as soon as possible.

Early detection of cavities enables us to remove the decayed area before it progresses to a larger problems like root canal– therefore keeping the tooth as intact and as strong as possible. An added bonus to this is that by removing the decay early we reduce the chance of a toothache – nobody likes a toothache!

“Whether you are a child or an adult Dr Darryl Marsh writes his dental blogearly detection of cavities means less dental pain, cost and time at the dentist. The best thing is we can do this easily.”

The dental benefits to children

The benefits of early decay detection are all things that children (and their parents) love:

  • shorter and easier dental visits;
  • less problems with the teeth in the future;
  • the need for fewer dental visits;
  • lower costs; and
  • a beautiful healthy smile!

I will be following this dental blog post with a series of articles that look at different aspects dentistry for children and toddlers.

Keep smiling!

Darryl Marsh

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