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Payment Options

Confused? Call us and we can walk you through your options in plain english

For many people visiting the dentist is not a regular 6 monthly activity. By the time things begin to hurt, years and years may have passed between trips to the dentist and the damage to the teeth may require a significant amount to repair.

Whether you have a toothache or need extensive dentistry, the last thing you need is to worry about how to pay for it.

Today’s Dentistry offers 4 ways to make the dentistry you need accessible and hassle free:

1. All your options and alternatives explained

Before any treatment begins you will have all of your options explained in easy to understand everyday language. That way you will know exactly what your treatment involves and what costs to expect. That way you won’t be stuck with a bill that you didn’t know was coming. We wouldn’t like it if that happened to us, and we wouldn’t do it to anyone else.

2. We accept Credit Card

You are able to use your Mastercard, Visa and EFTPOS Cards for your dental treatments.

3. Claim directly from your health fund

We are able to process HICAPS and DVA Gold Cards so you can claim directly from your health fund and only pay the difference at the time of your treatment.

Find out more about using HICAPS for fast health insurance benefits >

4. Patient payment plans

We are proud to offer our patients of more extensive dental procedures payment plans from three finance providers. Call us or talk to us when you are in to find out more. Alternatively visit their respective websites to find out the features of these payment plans.

MacCredit offer patient payment plans specifically for those undergoing dental procedures.MacCredit offer payment plans specifically designed for patient in need of extensive dental treatment:
• Payment plans up to $40,000
• Plans up to 84 months
• Extended finance options to suit every budget
• Finance all or part of your procedure
• Over the phone transfer
• Fast efficient approvals, simply apply online

To go directly to the MacCredit website to find out more or apply click here.



Payment solutions through DentiCare are one of the options Today's Dentistry offer to our patients who want to spread their dental treatment payments out.DentiCare Payment Solutions offer Interest Free Dental Payment Plans .
• Payment plans up to $9,000
• Minimum deposit of 30% of treatment cost
• Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options
• $39 set up fee applies
• Suitable for paying for a treatment over a 12 month period (time period depends on amount borrowed)

Visit the DentiCare website to learn more.



My Smile Dental is one of three dental payment plans that Today's Dentistry in Brisbane offer

My Smile Plan offers Interest Free dental payment plans up to $9000.

• Payment plans $100 – $9000
• 20% deposit
• $39 set up fee
• Payment over 15 months
• Fortnightly payments ($3 processing fee per fortnight)

Visit the MySmilePlan website for more information.



Any questions? Feel free to give us a call

It can be confusing to get your head around how you can best pay for your dental treatment, or which payment plan or option is best for your circumstances. We can help so give us a call on (07) 3263 2677 or Contact us. We are never too busy to talk to you about any of our payment methods, payment plans, or any dental treatments that you may have questions about.

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